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28 day peak flow


Morning all
My son went for his medical yesterday( 2nd one as was deferred in Nov due to 4 year asthma clear rule) We provided a test form the DR showing normal lung function but the Dr refused to take it as it was not on Capita paperwork. Our issue is he hopes to join the RM Band and they only have one intake a year, this 28 days will not allow him to do his fitness test and attend the last audition 11-15 July. meaning he will have to wait another year. We have written a letter to appeal this but I'm thinking this will be in vain due to the time constraints involved. Does anyone have any pearls of wisdom, my son is devastated.


War Hero
If this is where you are stuck then keep going with the 28 checks and then on to the full medical, hopefully a pass, I know it is the end of the world for the youngsters but getting through the process and passing is better than rushing and being thrown back.

Can he speak to his recruiter and see if there is any chance of him attending the assessment days in lieu of a clean bill of health?


Hello, we have spoken to the recruiter, unfortunately his hands are tied, as he has to follow the protocols. Appeal has gone in so keeping everything crossed. o_O