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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by NAVY5, May 1, 2012.

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  1. Hello everyone

    Iam just after bit of expert knowledge from you clever people! I will be joining the navy later next year hopefully by which time I will be 28. My ambition is to join either the ME or warfare tactical branches. Iam fascinated by the technical demands and responsibility to the ME branch but also very and driven to be a part of the warfare tactical sharp end decisions and demanding responsibility this position brings. However I feel so frustrated and being unable to apply for a commission due to age or lack of a degree, as I feel I would excel in this area of the RN, with the deepest respect to all ratings!!
    The reason I haven't applied sooner is due to family commitments and personal circumstances. However now these are settled, and we have finished having children, we both feel it is now time to commit to my long held ambition and be a part of the RN!

    Anyway now my life story is over....... a couple of questions I need some answers to please, in no particular order

    1/ Promotion will be a very important part of my career for me, would you feel there is any difference in demand for promotion between these two trades?

    2/ I currently do not have A levels, but will be using this year of "waiting" to take 3 A levels. Do you think this a good idea in regards by RN career? or do you think it just won't be worth it as I will be joining as a Rating?

    3/ My main question now: what do you think is the earliest opportunity I will have to attend a yardmen's course? I presume it will have to be the senior yardmen's course due my age but I won't have 10+ years experience as seems to be the expect norm for SUY participants. Please do not presume Iam under any illusions in thinking gaining a commission through the yardmen's route is "a given" or "my right", I know it is a difficult route Iam planning! I realise it is based on individual qualities and achievement, but Iam a very driven person and will be working my arse off to achieve my ambitions! I do appreciate that I can't change the world (LOL), but what do you feel is the earliest I could expect to attend a SUY and why? Do you think either of these branches offer a better or worse prospect of this?

    Apologies for the persistent promotion questions!! I have asked my afco similar questions but Iam looking for further information. The afco are a little bit vague and say "if only they have a crystal ball", which is a fair point I suppose.

    Thankyou for your time and help everyone!

    Best Regards

  2. Welcome to Rum Ration, Navy5.

    One small point - you don't need a degree to apply to be a Warfare or Logistics Officer. You are too old for the former, but, if you were to gain 180 UCAS Points and had the required GCSEs, you could apply for the latter.

    I realise that you are looking at other options, however.
  3. Hi soleil, thankyou for the welcome!

    Yes Iam aware of the possibility of logistics officer being an available route, but I do not wish to join the logistics branch unfortunately.
  4. Admittedly it is going back quite some time, but I rejoined in 1988 at the grand old age of 25, I was offer the chance of going for Officer on three separate occasions between 1990 and 1994 by three different SO's (I was a scribes) All three looked a little miffed when I declined. Their reason for offering, I had a BTEC in Business & Finance, which seemed to quite impress them, why I do not know as it is only equivalent to about 3 or 4 A levels. So unless things have changed drastically, if you stick in, show some apptitude the RN is your oyster
  5. Mikh, that seems a positive example!! Possibility of officer opportunity after you served approx 3 years! I suppose Iam just after reassurance that the decision weather I make it to officer is in my hands and simply down to my own hard work and potential. If Iam good enough the opportunity will be available. My master plan involves attending a SUY before Iam 32, so after 3-4 years of service. Is this possible now?? Joining later in life I feel Iam playing "catch up" and need to have a career path worked out from day 1 to achieve my goals.

    Ive just thought of another question that I asked my afco, How is the decision made to extend my contract upto the age of 55 made? So far I believe it is due to current staffing demands and the individual person. Is this correct in your opinion?, also how much influence does either of these two branches have on this decision? i.e one more likely than the other?

    Thankyou again for your advice
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    How far down the recruiting procedures are you, this will of course affect you entry date, a lot of branches seem to have a 2 year plus waiting time.
  7. I have my medical in june, just had RT and eye test. Surprised at 2 Years plus? Is that for both of these trades? My afco didn't seem to think it would take that long.

  8. I admire your ambition, unless you know a quicker route to senior rate please inform me!!! Anyone can feel free to correct me on this, but to be eligible to apply to go down the Senior Upper Yardsman route you have to have 4 GCSE's at A-C and have attained the rate of PO.

    I think you may be confussed be the Upper Yardsman scheme, which any Junior rate under the age of 30 can apply for as long as they have 5 A-C GCSE's.
  9. Hi digger,

    Too old for warfare officer direct and looks like ill be to old for upper yardsmen as well!! arrrggh!! To attend a SUY, I will have to be a PO? Is that set in stone like the age caps on branches?

    Sorry again for the persistent promotion questions, Iam aware there is so much more to a naval career than just promotion!! It just seems to be abit difficult to get definitive answers on this process. I will try my afco again later this week.
  10. SJRM_RN

    Thankyou for your response. Its not looking good for an old fart like me!!!!! I need to achieve PO due to my age before any consideration to officer application then. Which I gather with abit of luck and a LOT of hardwork, at least 7/8 years, taking me to 36ish.
    Anyone got a time machine I can borrow and go back to being 25!! :)
  11. Well I have just achieved it in 9 years. I was selected for Killick having served 4 years. And I should have been been on the
    PO's signal earlier but I have just enjoyed my time as a killick with back to back tabs out drafts. As they say the world is your oyster and good luck with
    your ambitions.
  12. From the lads with experience, how do you feel on career progression in the warfare tactical SM route? From an outside view I feel progression is more understandable in the MESM as obviously your working constantly maintaining and repairing items. So I can see the opportunity to put in extra effort and workload. However, and this maybe a naive point, but how can a rating apply the same extra effort and workload in the WTSM, when by the very nature of the branch it appears to be much more command structured position, with less "free rein" as a rating is dependant on his commanding officers instructions for his working routines to maintain the control and command operations of the boat?
    So therefore career progression is "easier" in ME as its more likely one would get noticed for extra work and effort.

    I hope my point and question is getting across!! Apologies if Ive missed an obvious error in my thinking.
    Last edited: May 3, 2012

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