27yr old to join

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by google1196, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. Was just looking for some advice.

    Im 27 years old. I've got 9 A-C Gcse's, a "D" at A level Maths (woops), a GNVQ Advanced Busines Studies - Distinction, and now I'm a qualified accountant which took 5 years, but I've now come to a bit of a crossroads and really don't see the value / reward in my line of work.

    I've thought about my likes and came up with

    - play sport
    - be part of a team
    - travel
    - like to know what i'm doing (i dislike vague jobs) - to follow clear instructions

    It was only when i did this that i realised that armed forces might be a good fit. I was advised that the Navy travel the most - is this true?

    I have been to my local AFCO and researched the Navy website but was after impartial advice also - hence this post.

    The two jobs I'm most interested in are Seaman Specialist and Fleet Air (Aircraft Handler).

    Any opinons on these two branches bearing in my age and wish to pursue a career long term would be most appreciated.
  2. Hey fella, I'm 32 and doing it so you shouldn't have any problems. Start Raleigh on the 9th of November.

    There are some great experts on here that will give some great advice. Anything else, get in touch.

    Kind regards,
  3. thanks stepto
  4. Before i joined up i gained my city and guilds as a panel beater.Knowing iff i came out early i would have a trade to come out to.As i was one of the more mature(older) entrants i found basic training much easier than the 16 year olds. I hope this helps a little. :nike:
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Your AFCO, believe it or not, is the best source of impartial advice & it also has to be legally correct advice.

    We do not get paid more for filling shortage category trades or meeting recruiting targets, contrary to popular belief. The choice of trade is entirely up to the individual providing they pass all elements of selection for whichever trade they choose. The overriding issue is to ensure you choose the right job for you, as the two you list are quite different. (Although waiting times are similar- at least 15 or 16 months last time I looked, possibly longer)
  6. Who are these "great experts" definition of a "Raleigh"
    Expert..... "has been" EX together with a drip under pressure.SPIRT
  7. Hi Norman, I'm guessing it's you? Nothing to say, nothing to add, nothing between your ears. It must be you? Well, kind regards, hope you are well and having a fun filled and useful life.
  8. p.s. What's a 'SPIRT'? Never seen one before.
  9. what about the roles themselves? what would you say the pros and cons of each one are?
  10. Can't make my mind up if your for real or not...

    Read the last line of Bulkead's post verrrrrry carefully... :rendeer:
  11. 'EX'-'SPIRT' still does not spell expert no matter how many times I read it.

    Yes I'm for real. Why wouldn't I be?
  12. I think bulkhead is a Norman. :tp:
  13. Hi mate, I am going through recruitment at 35. Currently awaiting my interview then on to medical and fitness test.

    I was going Seaman Specialist, however I now intend to join as CIS (Communication Information Systems).

    Look upon age as a plus mate.
  14. Google best of luck to you Oppo. What ever is your choice :thumright: at 27 I wanted to leave the RN after 12 yrs service :w00t: Thought it was a young mans game then :thumright:
  15. Hey i got 6 months advancement to A/B .Being class leader.(age counts)....
  16. Not Norman Stanley Fletcher? Is that you Norm?
  17. :thumright: You are an a habitual crimminal who accepts arrest as an occupational hazzard and accepts imprisonment in the same casual way :w00t: Where is Mr Barraclough?? or Mr Mc Ivor ??:thumright:
  18. Travel...

    Seaman spec; YES, you will travel
    FAA; NO, you will spend most of your time on an airfield!! (no aircraft carriers)

    Age & qualifications means diddly squat. You will carve out your own career path according to your own abilities/capabilities.
  19. Where are these airfields ? Culdrose and Yeolvilton both becoming civilianized by stealth --so few prospects there.. Let's stop beating about the bush and accept the fact that the RNAS and RAF will, inevitably, become one. Back to 1918 when the newly formed RAF bought up the frustrated Russian Imperial Guards uniform cloth order . The blue/grey colour reminded the lower deck of the ointment the Chancre Bos'n dished out as a sort of cure for crabs. Crab-fat is was then, and still is presumably; a term of endearment for our Brylcreemed opposite numbers?
  20. Indeed - now that there are some more rants in this thread from him, you would seem to be correct. I prefer the term 'troll' myself though....

    *stands-by for another bulkhead post*

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