27 Year Old Sailor Refused Alcohol

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by TattooDog, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. I'm putting it here as it isn't really current affairs and I don't want to be accused of starting up the outrage bus against Asda.

    Even if they couldn't figure out he was over 18, I find it bizarre that they don't accept ID cards as valid proof of age considering the mega massive Naval training establisment only a few hundred yards away . .

    Portsmouth News

    To be honest, I'd love it if someone asked me if I was over 18 instead of giving me that "you old git" look . .
  2. This topic has been discussed heavily over on Arrse and the general consensus among the educated appears to be that Asda where quite correct in asking for a valid and recognised form of ID.

    An Armed Forces ID card is basically just the same as any other employer's ID card. To get served booze, if you look underage you must have a recognised form of ID, i.e. a passport or driving licence.

    I actually agree with this point as most of the juniors I knew, had doctored ID cards for the purposes of getting into Jo's and some of the other finer Pompey establishments. If I worked as a til tart in Asda and some spotty youth came up to me trying to buy booze with his McDonalds name badge or Janner dockyard pass, I too would fcuk him right off out the door.
  3. Who honestly thinks Asda trains its staff in how to recognise a valid MOD90? Maybe it would be common sense for an individual checkout employee in Pompey to accept them; but it's also common sense for him to avoid the £5k fine that comes with selling to those underage.
  4. On a trip to the States on S****** the Swain`s attitude was if they can drink on board they can drink ashore and issued new IDs to the 18-21s with an apropriate drinking age. No he didnt that would be very naughy no no no wouldnt happen not ever no way tisk tisk tisk
  5. He's young, kind of cute, twinkle in his eye...

    Have to disagree 2DD, it's a govt issue form of photographic ID and as such is as valid as a driving licence, I certainly remember using mine to travel to Norway on a charter flight through a civi airport albeit some time ago
  6. Is he only 27? Hes hanging out lol.
  7. I just presumed it was a member of the public taking a stand against chronic obesity in the ranks of the senior service. Cut down on the booze you fat cunt
  8. I remember a time that banks in Pompey used to accept the RN ID card as a "cheque guarantee card" up to a certain amount. Can't remember the limit, but used my ID in the Nat West at Commercial Rd quite a few times in the 80s to cash a cheque (that's the 1980s btw, so no sarcastic comments).... 8O
  9. Similar 60's/70's T42.
  10. Like any of the wide-ranging MOD or other govt dept photo-ID passes, Army ID cards and RAF ID cards, an RN ID card is an official document issued to servants of the Crown exclusively for government purposes. Why should it be any more valid as a form of identification to some ASDA checkout cashier, or their manager for that matter, than a union membership card, company employee card, Tesco Club points card or whatever? They can't be expected to recognise all of them.

    The only occasion one should rely on a service ID card as a form of identity is at the gate of a government establishment, the brow of a ship or when otherwise asked by an appropriately appointed person. That's its only purpose and facsimiles should not be made available to every Tom, Dick or Harry for comparison purposes. Also from a security perspective, I still squirm when I remember my time as a DO having to deal with all the letters accompanying bounced cheques, supposedly supported by RN ID cards, as well as ID cards left with night club receptionists or taxi drivers as security against future payment.

    That said, if one obviously looks more than old enough to buy alcohol, tobacco or any other age-restricted product, then common sense should prevail.
  11. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I laughed my head off last weekend when I was asked for ID in the naafi. I know I've kept my boyish handsome looks, but FFS I've been serving for nearly 20 years.
  12. I tried to use my RN ID card once in another major superstore (not ASDA, the other one, the blue one!) when ID'd for booze. They refused it, my girlfriend was with me, she was a copper, got her Police ID (which is the same bloody card all but), and it was accepted.... What’s that about?!

    I must say I agree that the companies can't be expected to train personnel for ever ID card that is out there, but government cards are all the same (aren't they?). Also, RN, Army and RAF ID cards are not accepted forms of ID as they do not have the holder signature on them. Back in the day, they did and it was removed for that very reason.

    Finally, is it a good idea to advertise yourself as a serving member in public? Who knows who is looking! Best move mine from the front of my wallet then! :p
  13. I think the one to complain the most should be his missus. Surely there is no way he would nail that without consuming copious amounts of alcohol. Perhaps the checkout assistant thought that by being seen out in public with that moose the guy had already had far too much. If he doesn't get his beer goggles, she don't get laid I guess.
  14. And not just in banks, many retail establishments were quite happy to allow those with an ID card to pay by cheque when for normal mortals cash was the only way to pay.
  15. Ditto ...... on the occasions that I had some dosh in the bank - which wasn't very often :(
  16. Do they still accept 'sawn-off'?
  17. My Daughter,at the time 26 years old was refused the chance to buy alcohol in Tescos even though she was paying with a Tesco Credit Card.The ownership of a Tesco credit card is restricted to those over the age of 18. :roll:
  18. A Police Warrant Card is not valid ID either, I was attempting with my wife in tow to get my signature added to our joint account. The lass asked if I had any valid ID, now I never use my Warrant card as we ALL hate the filth, the scum!!

    But it was all I had, she dismissed it out of hand, I had to go home and come back with a letter from Havering Council Libaray Dept, with my name and address on it 8O

    Thats got it!!!!

  19. Also, on a trip to the States on S********, our lads just cracked on and made up their own IDs. Allegedly.

    Mind you, the SRs also made up their own rig for runs ashore! The idea being that the more metal badges you could get on your short sleeved white shirt, the more you had for swapping for gizzits - or 'other' things........... :oops: :lol:

    And the female Elmers just LOVED our white shorts......... :roll:
  20. Down here in Australia the State govs issue Photo over 18 ID cards. Does the Brit gov do anything similar?

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