27 too old?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by someoneyoumayknow, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. Hey all, just a little advice if you will...I am 27, turning 28 in June and basically i was wondering do you think that is too old for a career in the Navy. I have all my GCSEs and a couple of A levels (probably obsolete now) lol. I have been living abroad since i completed them and as a result never went to Uni.I have a good level of fitness mentally and physically. I just think it is time to really do something now and the Navy seems like an excellent choice.I guess my question is what are the possibilities for someone my age joining? Will i have many career options?Any advice would be appreciated.Also i wear contact lenses, is that a big problem?
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  2. it's not to old. if it's what you really want go for it. when i did my prnc, there was a couple of 32 year olds
  3. Welcome to Rum Ration.

    You are past the cut-off age for RM Officer, Warfare Officer, Pilot, Observer and Aircraft Controller but that still leaves a big choice:

    Career Packs| Royal Navy

    For some jobs, you will need specific qualifications eg an Engineering degree for MEO.

    What do you have in the way of A Levels and GCSEs (subjects, grades)?

    Which country have you been living in and doing what?
  4. Hey, thanks for the quick replies. I have 10 GCSEs (8 high grade) and 3 a levels in business studies, IT and sociology. I have been living in Spain in the holiday industry.
  5. A Level grades?

    Maths and English GCSE?
  6. 2 C´s and a D at A level and C for maths and english
  7. You need 180 UCAS Points for Officer, so I think that Logistics Officer should be open to you plus the various Rating roles minus AC on age grounds.

    When are you next in the UK?
  8. Not too old at all. I'm 27 and I go in at the end of april. There were two guys on the course one was 32 the other 34 so the answer is no
  9. Is there any issue about living abroad? I remember one one of my forms having to be a resident of the UK for the past 4 out of 5 years. I am 28 now 29 in june, started the process last May and go to BRNC this May and have similiar quals to you are definitley not too old.
  10. I go in end of july, I'm 29 in october! Just crack on mate.
  11. Can u really become an officer with 2 c's and a d at A level lol?
    Seriously think I shoulda drop outta being a rating and go to college for a year if so... Thought you needed a degree!!
  12. Depends on the officer role you are looking at. Warfare and Logs on need the GCSE's and A levels. Engineering and medical need a degree

  13. Hi, thanks for the replies, once again... i knew i would never be able to get an officers job with my points. I´m coming back to the UK at the end of April so hopefully the recruitment officer can point me in the best position with the few qualifications i do have.
  14. SYMK

    You seem to have misunderstood what has been said to you in the thread.

    You have the qualifications required for the submission of an application to become a Logistics Officer, if you wish. You will still have to do rather well in the psychometric test, Sift and AIB, though.

    "Hopefully the recruitment officer can point me in the best position with the few qualifications I do have". This sounds awfully limp.

    Look through this list of the jobs available and pick out a shortlist of jobs which appeal to you:

    Career Packs| Royal Navy

    By the way, when you are back in the UK, in which part of the country will you be based? If you can give a rough indication of where you will be, you can be given the details for your nearest AFCO; make it your first port of call when you get back.

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  15. I´m in North Wales so i´ll be going to the Wrexham centre.

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