27 Middle-Class Problems


Lantern Swinger
Don't you just cut it in half and eat the seeds? :confused:

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Yeah cut it in half, then scoop out the seeds with a teaspoon and pick out the pithy bits...not as mad as a mate of mine who picked out the seeds one at a time with a pin :neutral:

For God's sake I dont want a conversation with her I want her to clean up last nights kebab and shagfest :love:

Bitch gonna get it good.
That's the one! This reminds me of a friend, she is oh so cool so enjoys hip hop but battles with her feminista. Read: she says she likes it but has never really listened to it as she would be disgusted most likey due to her views on the world regarding women.

I think the pictures make the article so great.
To be honest I don't really see where 'class' comes into any of that. Posey cunts who watch 'Friends' and other such transatlantic shite too much (now there's a middle class statement!) hardly ooze class of any kind. Money maybe, but not class.


Lantern Swinger
Friends ended nearly 10 years ago and the most Posey thing on that show was coffee and expensive clothes. Blame the modern stuff more.

All this gossip lass and hollyoaks shite

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...and another bloody thing. The bourguinon. Oooh Merlot not Shiraz - do fuck off you faux middle-class twat. At least understand what wine's about. Come the Burgundy revolution...

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