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Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by trelawney126, May 14, 2009.

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  1. What's the most amusing 264 you've ever had written about yourself?
    To get the ball rolling... "Works like a rat when cornered!" anymore out there?
  2. How about this lot
  3. Petty Officer RoofRat can be relied on to achieve good results in all tasks, allbeit by dubious means!......................Ouch! :D
  4. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I doubt it was ever actually written about anyone, but there's the old classic. Does the work of two men-Laurel and Hardy.
  5. In the days of the tot, I read (not on mine!) Forenoon idiot, afternoon gibering idiot.
  6. I haven't got any that were written by a DO but I did know of a PO Stoker, who having read his 264s said to his DO, "You want to think yourself lucky that I'm not writing yours ....". Fortunately he had enough personality to keep his rate!
  7. Two that I remember from my comic cuts

    "Lwtr Scouse_scribes is garrolous by nature", I must have looked confused by the word garrolous, cos my DO immediately explained it by saying "it means you're a gobsh*&e."

    "Lwtr Scouse_scribes suffers from being over weight". Load of rubbish I didn't suffer I loved being a beer drinking, pie eating slob.
  8. One of mine from the days of when I was an LRO(G)...

    "Young gets good results from his men but would do better still with a more diplomatic approach to his juniors, and on occasion, to his superiors also."

    also from the same report, written by the Ops Officer...

    "Young is a very confident character who has a tendency to voice his opinions openly, irrespective of the audience."

    I think they were trying to tell me that I was a bit loud at work. :)

    I was promoted to Radio Supervisor shortly after that report. :lol:
  9. Surely not Brig, you are such a mouse like creature!
  10. Had a rather strait-laced DO who wrote in mine "He has a lively sense of humour but somewhat base at times with a tendency for untimely flippant remarks"
  11. Tends to like his runs ashore featured in mine on a few occassions.....
  12. Not a 264 but the old 206 -"Lt Jambosun is an officer with a considerable social reputation" What a polite way of saying I was partial to several beers at any oportunity.
  13. "This rating must be brought to understand, the navy is not a joke,....... his joining it however may be."
    Lt Aubrey, 1971 (Dev)
  14. And the old stand by,

    WEA App XXX has deprived a village of it's idiot.
  15. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get a copy of your 264's? Some of mine would be interesting to read again.
  16. Copies of certain docs are available under the DPA. See here on the Veterans UK website for information and advice.
  17. When NA Chockhead is told by his senior rates to acquire equipment from other ships, to date he currently has a 100% success rate. As yet we have had no complaints from other ships but I'm waiting for that day.

    His man has the sickest sense of humour I have ever come across, he also pushes the limit as to what is insubordinate.
  18. Not a 264 but the old 206 -"Lt Jambosun is an officer with a considerable social reputation" What a polite way of saying I was partial to several beers at any oportunity.
    Never Eat More Than You Can Lift

    Social reputation or Social handgrenade? :lol:
  19. I know you cannot get a copy of your SC1, they just replace it with a single sheet giving the briefest details. This is safeguard as I lost mine and applied, and was sent the replacement. Its got jack shite on it other that In Out dates and I think my medal entitlement. :cry: :cry:
  20. Started off as the former but after imbibing far too much I invariably ended up as the latter! :D

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