25th Anniversary of the Falklands - cost £25 + vat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by golden_rivet, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. There is an event at RUSI tomorrow to mark this anniversary programme is below for those interested. Places are I believe still available:

    The Falklands War
    Twenty Five Years On

    Friday 9 March 2007

    in the Duke of Wellington Hall,
    Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies

    0845 Registration & Coffee

    0925 Welcome: Rear Admiral Richard Cobbold CB FRAeS, Director, RUSI

    0930 Session 1: Keynote Address
    Chair: Rear Admiral Richard Cobbold CB FRAeS, Director, RUSI

    The Falklands as Diplomatic, Political and Military History Professor Sir Lawrence Freedman, Professor of War Studies and Vice-Principal (Research), King’s college, London

    1015 Session 2: The War Cabinet
    Chair: Rear Admiral Richard Cobbold CB FRAeS, Director, RUSI

    The Rt. Hon Sir John Nott KCB, former UK Secretary of State for Defence, 1981-1983

    1045 Morning Coffee and Tea

    1115 Session 3: The Historical and Diplomatic Context
    Chair: Gill Bennett, Associate Fellow, RUSI & formerly Chief Historian, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    A View from the Foreign Office Sir John Ure KCMG LVO, Assistant under Secretary of State (Americas), The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 1981-1983

    1200 Session 3 continued:
    Operation “ROSARIO†Nigel West, Commentator and Writer on Security and Intelligence Issues

    1245 Lunch

    1345 Session 4: The Naval Challenges
    Chair: Professor Steven Haines, Professor of Strategy and the Law of Military Operations, Royal Holloway, University of London

    The Impact of the Nott Review on the Outbreak of the Conflict Dr Eric Grove, Director, Centre for International Security and War Studies University of Salford

    1430 Session 4 continued:
    Commanding the Amphibious ‘Task’ Group Captain Michael Clapp CB, Commodore of Amphibious Warfare, 1981-1983

    1515 Afternoon Tea and Coffee

    1545 Session 5: The Findings and Significance of the Franks Committee
    Chair: Rear Admiral Richard Cobbold CB FRAeS, Director, RUSI

    Tony Rawsthorne, Secretary, Falklands Islands Review Committee, 1982

    1630 Closing Address:
    Chair: Rear Admiral Richard Cobbold CB FRAeS, Director, RUSI

    Sir Max Hastings, author, journalist and broadcaster

    1715 End of Conference
  2. Damn, wish I could make it.
    Would like to hear how Nott (& FCO) tries to wriggle out of his c*ck ups leading up to the war.
    Question/answer sessions could be fun.
  3. The exact thought crossed my mind too.

    Surely that's Capt Clapp, not Group Captain, ex COMAW.
  4. Please feel free to post or PM me with your thoughts on these topics. I'm not going to raise issues on behalf of other people I'd look a prat anyway if questioned about them but it would help my own understanding of the issues to hear what you think McHammock.

  5. At least Nott fell on his sword rather than trying to find some one else to blaim, mistakes he may have made but at least he carried the can for them

  6. ...which is what he wrote. :???: Surely a wind-up??
  7. Nott was Minister of Defence responsible for "Defence Review" that was getting rid of Endurance, selling Carriers & scrapping ships, boats & aircraft.
    This was one of the factors that directly led to Argentina thinking they could get away with the invasion and that we didn't want to/couldn't do anything about it.
    FCO also to blame for totally misreading Argentine Junta's intentions re Falklands.

    RE COMAWTG: Think quotes should have been "Task Group" Capt Clapp
  8. That will teach me to read things properly and not glance at them! The case of the misplaced punctuation, solved.

    Nott also thought the Fleet could do everything by simply using submarines. K**b!

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