25 Years to day start of the Falklands War

Yeah remember the date well - got a phone call recalling me from leave and sailed, from Faslane, about 36 hours later. Still, didn't spend much cash for the next 90 odd days. :p


War Hero
HarryBosch said:
I remember it well too! :D
Sorry Lou., i wasn't even a baby bootie mate. Nine years old and being told by Mrs Ralph at primary school that i must try much harder with my work. :lol: 8O

I was on leave.

I thought it was an April Fool a day late.

And why would the Argies want to invade Fife, anyway?

(You may scoff, but a lot of people thought that!)


Picked up one of the marines from NP 8901 from Brize after they had been released by the Argentines.

Spent a week on the piss and ended up at Powdermills Farm on Dartmoor.

Still have a photo somewhere of him and Harry Bosch practising the infamous 2 handed salute under the watchful eyes of Buzo Tactico.

Fcuk me where did the years go :roll:



War Hero
With 29 JSTU Sea Skua trials flight at Aberporth. The Falklands tested the Sea Skua in a war situation, giving BAe a war proven weapon and cutting short our sea firing trials. Once the Falklands war had been won it was decided that trails were completed. 29 JSTU was then disbanded.
Although I was serving at Aldergrove (N Ireland) at the time I was over in England being best man at a mates wedding. Got back to Aldergrove, got a phone call get your kit packed you are going down South. Got to Ascencion Island before the fleet arrived... Ended up staying there for the duration, so I'm only half a hero...


Lantern Swinger
notafourknotfudgepacker said:
Yeah remember the date well - got a phone call recalling me from leave and sailed, from Faslane, about 36 hours later. Still, didn't spend much cash for the next 90 odd days. :p
I was on HMS Herald. Got back from 7 month deployment in the Gulf on 7 April went on leave Reggies came round a week later and we sailed a week after that.

Chugging down South at a stately 10 knots. As for saving money all went well until we started taking casualties to Montevideo, once out of the Exclusion Zone we opened the bar and partied with Percy and Royal ensuring those that could got a fine hangover to fly back to UK with.

Biggest worry was will an exocet be able to recognise a red cross on the side of a ship at 20 miles. :wink:
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