25 years in the RNR

I have been in the RNR 25 years today, and 95% of it has been brilliant, if anyone is around the SR Mess at PRESIDENT tonight, the wets are on me


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brummiebloke said:
You mean SR's actually buy drinks.......................wow in 6 years I have not seen that happen yet :lol:
Yes we do "buy" drinks, its just you possibly never see us pay for them - those funny pieces of paper that we write on at the bar (joined up writing too!) come back to haunt us at the end of the month with a price ticket attached! :)


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BZ MC: I would love to see you off for a free wet, but unfortunately I'm in Guzz... maybe I'll take up your offer at the half century celebrations?! :lol:


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MasterChief said:
I have been in the RNR 25 years today, and 95% of it has been brilliant, if anyone is around the SR Mess at PRESIDENT tonight, the wets are on me
Congrats Master Chief. Have one for me. Mind you, you are still a sprog to some!!!!!!!


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Is there actually a 25 year medal then....didnt realise there was one...or are we having it tugged..!!..When you sit and think about it it's shocking where the time goes..Im due my first Bar in 2008 and Im only 34....During that time Ive had loads of change new jobs, new houses etc etc and yet I cant remember any of it as clearly as my first fortnight at Raleigh!



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WarMonger said:
Is there actually a 25 year medal then....
Nope - VRSM at 10 years and then clasps at 5 years thereafter; clasps are marked on the ribbon with silver rosettes up to 3 (i.e. 25 years) and then a gold rosette to denote the 4th clasp I think. However, given MC's service pre-dated the VRSM, he'll have probably got his LSGC at 15 years and will now get his VRSM to go alongside it.
Flagwagger. spot on shippers, i do indeed have the LSGC and now the have put the a request form in for the VRSM. I imagine not to many of us have both. I feel very honoured.

I still remember my Basic Comms course at DRAKE. When i joined as an RO2(G) we didnt have to do RALEIGH.

set now reads QVRM,QGJM,LSGC,VRSM VD scab & bar lol
decorational not operational so far.
My new entry chief wren at the old WILDFIRE in FO medways HQ when i joined said i would never last long enough to get my first GCB , bless her


MasterChief is being modest, he was very operational last summer responding to an urgent request for MTO support to OP HIGHBROW.


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25yrs eh - I didn't know non Officer types could count that high :)

(ducks, covers and runs for the hills while being chased by irate ancient mariners!)


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25yrs.........b***dy hell!......i'm just chuffed at having filed my first re-engaugement papers lol :shock: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: well done masterchief.
Congrats MasterChief, am putting in for President myself, only complication being that my landlady decided to put the place on the market just before Xmas so have been run ragged trying to find a new gaf.



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25 years :mrgreen:

i went though the 20 years barrier last year, but unlike the first 20 i cant see me doing another 5, all the fun has gone. I should have stayed a JR :cool:
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