22nd July - joining date @ Raleigh, anybody???

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by jonno_0002, Jun 17, 2007.

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  1. Are there any people on here leaving for Raleigh on the 22nd July, because so far there only appears to be 2 of us and we're both from manchester.
    At both the RNAC and pre-joining brief, only the same one other manchester lad there to join on the same date as me!!! Whats going on... do they mix you with people who are already there at all?
  2. ME!!!

    Nah I wish.

    Good luck though mate! :thumright:
  3. ha ha! cheers.
  4. I will be travelling from Leeds on the 22nd unless something happens as still awaiting security clearance!!!
  5. So theres three of us now... wehheeey! ha. What are you going in as?
  6. ETME (SM), but still waiting for the security clearance so fingers crossed until then
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Just so's you're not fretting too much, Security Clearance USUALLY takes about 8 weeks from when the form is submitted to the Defence Vetting Agency providing you filled it in 100% correctly & didn't miss anything out or hold back any information which you should've declared. If you've lived & worked overseas or have close relatives who live & work overseas, it can take a bit longer.

    Bear in mind that in exceptional cases a temporary Security waiver can be granted, providing the basic check has been completed, on the grounds that the first 8 weeks at Raleigh will not involve any particularly sensitive issues that require you to be cleared.

    If however you've held up the process by failing to submit the completed form early enough or witheld information, then you could have your entry date postponed

    In other words, don't worry too much if you've done everything right!
  8. Youll be fine Xav! U looking forward to going then? You'll probably be on our train. I assume u change at manchester?
  9. Jonno, not sure about the train journey yet, but my guess is that we will be meeting on the same train i find out on friday as that is when my prejoining interview

    As with the security clearance i have not left anything out i checked everything over with family and sent it back within two days of receiving it which was atleast a month ago(not sure now!) and have made sure i have been truthful throughout. However, i have a lot of family living abroad so for that reason alone i know it will be delayed, but i am not stressing about it until i am told there is a problem!!

    Thanks for the reassurance Ninja_Stoker
  10. by the way cannot wait to get going just worried about the other half but i think she will be ok
  11. You may find im wrong, but im sure they'll allow time for such mishaps Xav. Don't worry anyway, im sure it'll all run smoothly. Let us know if you run through manchester - As i say i know theres one other lad on my train (also from manchester), just havent found anybody else. ha. Women eh, it'll be a port to port job for me (with any luck, ha). You'll both get used to it.
  12. Hope you do well, look forward to seeing you sweat on board when your doing you SMQ time. A day alongside is a day wasted! :thumright:
  13. Well had the pj interview, still waiting for security clearance but was told not to fret a waiver form can be completed and jonno, i don't change at manchester, but pretty sure i go thru manchester, will get back to you on that one

    Sorry theoldti what is SMQ time (still not up to speed with all the abbreviations)

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