22 Years - Did I Miss Something?


I've noticed in one or two posts something about 'signing on for 18 years or until 40 yo whichever is earlier'. Has the long standing 22 year open engagement been replaced by an 18 year one? If it has, how the hell did I miss that snippet and when did this come into force? I've only been out for 2.5 years and reading various posts on RR it seems like the RN I knew has changed beyond recognition in a very short space of time!


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Hiya JJ,

The new contract only came in this year. It's all to do with joining ages increasing for RN Ratings (Not RM & Divers) being allowed to join up to the age of 37 & being able to earn a full pension when they have to leave by 55.

Simple, cost-effective answer? AFPS 05 Pension - doesn't pay out until you're 60, no tax-free lump sum & full pension is achieved after 18 years service.
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