21 ways to become a man

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by nice!howmuch?, Aug 1, 2007.

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  1. Response to: official list of types of pussy
    21 ways to become a man

    1. be a liar
    2. sort your laundry into two piles: 1. dirty 2. dirty but acceptable
    3. if you get lost – never ask the way
    4. if you meet a nice woman in the pub and you want to sleep with her, tell her: I think I love ya. Really. I do!
    5. never grow up
    6. go back to your roots: become a hunter and collector
    7. when it comes to driving a car – act like Rambo
    8. when you are alone at home with your girl be lazy and quit but when you go out with your mates behave like a chimp on ecstasy
    9. never talk your feelings!
    10. tell everybody that your mom is the best
    11. buy yourself an expensive car if your Johnson is smaller than 5 inches
    12. go get yourself a beer, another one, one more, get vodka, get a bottle of whisky, get Maaloxan
    13. go to sleep as soon as you got your orgasm and immediately start snoring
    14. always show off with the boobies of your last one night stand
    15. never sit down if you are taking a piss
    16. always marry a virgin – because you know you can not take criticism!!!
    17. as soon as you turn 30 grow yourself a beer belly
    18. dial the ambulance immediately if you have a light flu because you are about to die!
    19. when you dance - look like a frog in a mixer
    20. always tell your girl that size doesn’t matter!
    21. rock on with your cock out!
  2. Stick with what I am methinks , love ladies company & why not , have a few good mates that are female . trust them absolutely , 50%/50% I will stick up for both sexes , couldn't give a shite what sex they are , if they are a mate then thats the end of the story , :thumright: :thumright:
  4. well so far i have NOT ever met a man like that.........
    maybe I'm just lucky..........I too have male freinds.. would not swap them for the world.........
  5. A man like what "josie" Mates for ever , I wouldn't swap my mates either , I consider myself lucky in the end result of my choice of friends .
    Love them all to bits , they all know who they are , thanks ,
  6. lol Dondon... a man like nice!howmuch has described... i have not ever met a man like that.............
  7. rosie, this was supposed to demonstrate all the prejudices one might have against men and i wrote it regarding to this :pukel: article slim wrote.
  8. sorry!!! it's of course josie and not rosie!!!
  9. In my ever so humble opinion, I recommend you dump him... :thumright:

    Dolphin Code: 89
  10. :worship:
  11. Hey I didn't write it (wishedI had though) I stole it. Look at the bottom of the posting.
    Now I'm looking for some more to nick :thumright:
  12. then bring it on baby!!!
  13. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    I thought the paunch came as grat issue along with the buttons!
  14. I thought you became a man when the hair on your bollocks joined with the hair on your chest.
  15. You get hair on your bollocks?!! When?!!
  16. You get hair on your chest too? I think I've been built back to front, 'cos I've got a VERY hairy back, but next to f*ck all on the front.

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