21 hour working week!


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Do these people come from another planet? Families are already struggling to meet the bills. Loads of companies have laid people off or shut down altogether. But life if grand in the pink fluffy world
I wonder if they cut the time worked they would cut the wage taken of course they would .But it wont happen it would cost firms thousands if not millions to initalize such working.Just think what is done in a day with one person would take two persons .SSsoo two insurancies in fact two of everthing.I am glad i worked when i did including my time in the andrew (i would not like to be in now ).IN the thirty years after i left the mob .I must have actualy worked at least forty years at the very least
It's just a silly idea from a mong organisation, nothing to worry about, these people are too mong to get any position where they could do damage, that's why they have their own mong outfit...another case of move along..nothing to see.

Did I mention that they are mongs?...

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