20mm Cannon on Hunt Class..or not?

Now I swore to myself I'd never ask bone questions on here, but my AIB is coming up, and i've hit an issue that research can't help me with so to anyone out there who work on Hunt Class ships - do they or do they not have 2x 20mm cannon in addition to their 30mm and GPMG's?

I only ask because the RN website says they do, and the paper literature i've found says they do not.

I'd rather make a tool of myself here, rather than in front of my board president, where it actually matters.
As far as I'm aware they only had the 30mm no gambo's. I may be corrected on this but I never saw them with both
Hunts operating in the Gulf during Operation CIMNEL (Iran/Iraq Tanker War) in the late 1980s and Operation GRANBY in 1991 were certainly fitted with 20mm Gambos on sponsons with drop-down netting abeam the funnel, as well as the 30mm Emerson Elec on the forecastle and GPMGs on the bridge wings, but they have since been removed. Ships in theatre are now equipped with Mk 44 Miniguns that are able to depress further and are much more effective against small fast-moving targets at close range.


Hunt 20mm sponson[/align]
Naval Gazer and Tommo, thank you very much indeed. Hope I get asked about Hunts now, if I can bring out that kind of knowledge I think it'll impress!
I suspect the board would be rather more impressed if you knew they were armed with the Mk44 Mini-gun, which is located in roughly the same place the 20mm's were.
The only stupid question is the one the DON'T ask ....

Alfred is correct. I was a little embarrased to realise that I was unable to answer this question with confidence off the top of my head. So I headed for the online version of navy news in the reasonable hope of finding a right up to date pic of a Hunt.

At the top left of the NN home page http://www.navynews.co.uk/ there is a link to the e-version (how good is that - the latest version available online for free) and if you go to page 9 there is a picture of QUORN going up the Orwell.

You can see the port mini-gun quick clearly and if you zoom in the bridge wing and sweep deck GPMGs are also there. (Google Mk 44 mini-gun if you don't know what they are)

As an aside, I were going to the AIB I would go back through all the back issues and get myself up to date on the latest deployments and issues.


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Without wishing to sound unduly harsh, I'd worry far more that your leadership, phys and mental arithmetic skills are up to par, than whether a Hunt is carrying one or two guns. The board are looking for leadership potential and not ship spotters!
honestly - with an AIB coming up myself are we really expected to know this level of detail on ship knowledge? seems unnecessary??

i am concentrating more on knowing deployments and figuring out how the hell to do basic maths - been a while!
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