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2019 Application Progress



The progress for my application so far is as follows

Recruitment Test

31st October 2019

I attended the AFCO on the 31st,

I arrived nice and early as the test was scheduled in for 9 AM, I arrived in due course for 8.20
there was 4 of us in total, only 2 of us passed

I failed my previous Recruitment tests so I was adamant to pass the third and last time possible.

upon completing the test you are kept in the exam room and the PO comes in and takes out whoever has failed and the 2 of us that passed was kept in and my now recruitment advisor shook our hands and congratulated us, from then on whilst in the same room we were told we had to book our eye-tests at a local Boots opticians which we did and got that scheduled in.

The medical questionnaire is what's next it's self-explanatory, just fill out the details truthfully and honest as CAPITA will find out your medical history and they can request more information if they feel is needed.

Eye Test

2nd November 2019

The Eye test you just turn up at your scheduled time and day, they sit you down and you have to read off a screen with a number of different sized letters from a distance whilst they put different lenses over your eyes, and you do a colour blind test alongside a vision test where you have to click every time you see a dot within your peripheral vision
it's pretty standard.

Triage Nurse Phone call

8th November 2019

I handed my medical questionnaire into my AFCO on 4th November and had my phone call on the friday, so I was quite shocked as the rapid turn around for this as I've noticed on here some people it takes quite a while, this for me was just a normal conversation I had a trainee nurse on the phone so she had to stop quite a few times to double-check what she was doing was correct and ask her senior, the nurse goes over what you've put on your medical questionnaire as you will have a copy yourself so make sure you have that ready to hand when they call,
She was expected to call at 12 PM, but I didn't receive the call until 1 PM so it was a slight worry when they didn't ring bang on time but heyho everything was fine and she asked where i was from and scheduled the face to face medical at my nearest practise, which for me was 1 hour away in Birmingham

Face-to-Face Medical

25th November 2019

on the previous phone call with the triage nurse, I scheduled mine in for 14:10, so I gave myself time to arrive early, in fact I arrived an hour early just after the Dr's lunch break so I was seen first

During the Medical,

I did a hearing test they sit you down on a chair with a pair of headphones and a clicker and they play very low frequency beeps and you have to click when you hear them,
it didn't help for me though that someone was making a cuppa' outside the doorway so it was intrusive on my hearing, I managed to complete this successfully and during this you also start to imagine that there is a beep when in fact there isn't as you're constantly listening for any slight noise in your ears so you can click the button and react fast to the beep

I was then also told to strip down, do 5 press-ups and then stand up, the Dr then listens to your heartbeat to check for any irregularities
I was fine on this, then straight after I was told to blow into a tube for the Peakflow test,

Then I was told to stand on the scales to check my weight and height, he does a quick BMI and calculates if it's acceptable for the navy

my blood pressure was also taken and then I was told if I had passed which I did.


4th December 2019

After my medical, my recruiter from AFCO gave me a call the following day to book in my interview and explain what was expected of me,

I attended on the date and time, it was booked in for 9 AM - I arrived early in fashion at 8.20 AM and was told to go get a coffee :D

Which I happily did,

I would personally recommend you to attend in a suit ((if female, Smart dress!)) as I did, as you are joining a disciplined service first impressions are everything!

I was collared into the room by my recruiter and i waited until I was told to be seated, kept my hands on the tops of my thighs and was told to push my chair back to the wall so they could evaluate me fully,

they go over firstly about your personal life, family, siblings etc

next, I was asked about my hobbies, education, socialising

and then finally near to the end they will test your knowledge of the navy and ask about the Contract length, Basic training, What do you know about the role you are applying for, where is it based, where will your phase 2 training take place and how long for, what's the pay from training and then the pay after training, What will you learn from training, what can the navy offer you and why do you want to join the navy, what can you bring to the navy etc etc.

I would definitely advise doing your homework on the chosen branch and the sub-specialisations within the role you are applying for as you will be tested upon this and you don't want to look like a lemon just sitting there answering "I don't know" to questions,

afterwards, I was told to go away for 1 hour whilst they put the information through the Matrix they use

then I was told to come back into the room and asked how the interview had gone, what more do you think you could have said, what do you think you missed etc,

Then I was congratulated and told I'd passed and then I was displayed with numerous documents and had to sign to say I understand that I've been explained about the risks involved with joining the royal navy (death / taking a life etc)

I was then asked to check my emails to complete the Security Vetting NVS, and then get my PJFT booked in as soon as possible!

and that is currently where I'm at with my application!

I have a question for anyone that has taken there PJFT and PRNC and would like some advice on what speed(KMPH)for the treadmill is best to set it at, to pass within the time frame given

for my age, its 12min 42sec

I'm currently going to the Nuffield health centre anyways so that's a bonus, if anyone has any tips for me for my upcoming PJFT i'd appreciate it and also any advice on the PRNC aswell

and has anyone here had the Security vetting or is that standard throughout the navy, I have completed mine now and i'm curious how long it usually takes?

Soon as I continue progressing with my application ill update this thread further and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask! :)
I did my PJFT a couple weeks ago and had practised in mph so it was a pain! I started on 13kmph for the first 1.6k then 14.5kmph until 2k then ramped it up at the end and made 10.47 but wanted under 10.30 but didn’t know the speeds as was kmph haha! Still haven’t heard from my vetting and it’s been 2-3 months just waiting on starting dates Best of luck with your PJFT!..
I did my PJFT a couple weeks ago and had practised in mph so it was a pain! I started on 13kmph for the first 1.6k then 14.5kmph until 2k then ramped it up at the end and made 10.47 but wanted under 10.30 but didn’t know the speeds as was kmph haha! Still haven’t heard from my vetting and it’s been 2-3 months just waiting on starting dates Best of luck with your PJFT!..

Nice one, i'm currently practising for it since i came out of an office job prior i'v only been training for a month so i'm knuckling down at the moment, i have alot of room for improvement on the time and just wanted some insight on what speeds most people do it at, but thanks & jheez didn't expect the vetting to take that long, my Recruiting officer mentioned to me that my expected start date for Raleigh would around march time so let's hope the vetting doesn't extend past march but knowing my luck it will, have you got your PRNC date atleast yet? or does that come after the vetting

That’s it just keep training and you’ll smash it! Well it seems like your application is flying through! I applied in Jan and we’re at the same place almost, vetting shouldn’t take long! Not yet hoping to hear back in the next few weeks but will update my own thread when I hear!

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