2018 Six Nations


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That would be nice.
Justins jeans stitching failing and his bollocks spilling out on tv in front of a billion people.


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Get her to do the grouting so you can concentrate on the important stuff?
Sorry, bit of thread drift /background info.

You are having a giraffe, aren't you? She was supposed to paint the ceiling ('we' are rebuilding a kitchen) I started cutting in and 20 minutes later, it was all finished.... exept for a tiny square I'd left for her to do, so she could say she'd helped.

She came in picked up the long handled roller, dribbled paint all over my head, glasses and the floor, plus a nice black T-shirt I was wearing (yes I know, black shirt/white ceiling, but I'm good!)

The closest she'll get to MY grouting is to wipe off the tenth or eleventh dusty residue! Except when she is standing by the cooker or the sink!

No, she doesn't read these posts, why do you ask?

Anyway - rugby anyone?


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Good game, well played both teams. Have to agree with the panel though, looks like Wales were robbed of a try. All in the past now, that's Rugby for you, still the best team game in the World!


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I thought the Italians showed some bottle by running until the final whistle.
England v Wales could have going either way.
Looks like the Irish match could be a belter.

Fukcing predictive sex????
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Well, I gave up at 2 min 22 seconds........... BUT THEN!!!

Wha hey, we frapped the cheese eating surrender monkeys!!

Bring on the Englanders......... :D


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We were pondering down the pub, - how would the so called Pro's of today, both of the Oval ball and Round ball, manage with an old leather ball with laced valve and covered in Dubbin, and of course, wearing the old round toed leather boots with hammered in studs, manage.
We concluded that most of the prima donnas in the round ball world be well and truly Fecked !


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Spent the afternoon down the pub watching the rugby yesterday. The best teams won both games, no doubt about it. Went home full of Butty Bach ale which numbed the pain a bit!

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