2018 Six Nations


War Hero
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Well played England. A good start.
Before anyone says anything about how Italy ran us close, its an 80 minute game.


War Hero
England played well but they were better when Sam and Jack (both Exeter players) got on the field. All credit to Italy, they as usual never gave up, a big win will surely come their way. An entertaining game, but roll on next Saturday for the biggie!


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Welsh new recruits played really well. Navidi, Adams and especially Patchell all had a great game, perhaps a bright future beckons for Wales with talent like this emerging.
A great start for Wales. Leigh Halfpenny is right on form, should have been named man of the match!
Twickenham this Saturday, now has to be best game of the tournament, gutted for Scotland as I'd have put money on them walking it. What about Sexton's drop goal. Credit where credit is due..


War Hero
I particularly liked that bit when Justin Timberwank went into the crowd and had a
selfie done with that kid. It's gone viral y'know.


War Hero
Whoops! Done it again. Wrong sport. I was referring to the game where
they all run about in motor cycle crash helmets. It was all over the news
this morning so it kind of stuck in my tiny mind.

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