@Ray1218 I believe that its based on time elapsed but I had a year-ish delay after being declared medically unfit due and had to restart the whole process again.


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Even though you were made permanently medically unfit but just have to wait until September to be all clear, Are the Navy letting you put your application on hold and redoing your medical at that time when you are 3 years free, or would you need to redo the whole application process again in september?

Just asking as I am waiting to hear back from capita and know that due to headaches I will need to be 2 years free but don't know if I can just put my application on hold until then or if I need to redo the entire application process when I am 2 years free. Thanks
I believe as previously said it’s down to time and each case is taken on its own merits. I think mine is only going through because it’s 3 months so they can. But anything longer you’d probably have to restart everything. I believe that the recruitment test lasts for 3 years. Not 100%sure


My Son has been trying to apply since Oct 2017.... he says the new computer system is giving him trouble. The local careers office has been no help ,nor has the telephone helpline...has ANYONE managed to apply successfully, or his my son spinning me a line?? Can't think why he would deliberatly delay his application, but he insists the online application is constantly freezing and rejecting his answers..please help!


@MindGames If you mean just sending in the application, I was able to do so but with some difficulties. I have been given my psychometric test date a little over a month after sending the application due to issues. Best to check up with the AFCO, mine were aware of the issues and explained to me that's why their was a delay on getting my test date.

Best of luck.


@MindGames. I can not understand why it would be taking so long for your son. I sent my application off at the start of March, already sat and passed the RT, and I am now waiting for the phone call with Capita. The only issue that I have had with the portal is that it is not updating my role choice, as after passing the RT I was offered a better role, which I agreed to, but the portal is not showing the updated choice.
As others have stated, I would suggest going to the AFCO. Best of luck for your son anyway


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My Son has been trying to apply since Oct 2017.... he says the new computer system is giving him trouble. The local careers office has been no help ,nor has the telephone helpline...has ANYONE managed to apply successfully, or his my son spinning me a line?? Can't think why he would deliberatly delay his application, but he insists the online application is constantly freezing and rejecting his answers..please help!
Seems odd, we are receiving circa 70+ completed online applications a day at present.

If it's taken 7 months to submit an application, notwithstanding the introduction of the new recruiting software in November, something is seriously, seriously amiss.

During the introduction of the new software system, applicants who could not log-in or complete their application were emailed electronic copies of the application forms and processed manually. Possibly worth checking junk mail or using a different email address.

Please ask him to email me with a catalogue of his attempts to join the service & I'll chase it up for him personally - I have messaged my email address.


I had the Triage Call with Capita today, and have since been declared TMU. Capita want to send a letter asking my GP about Jaw Surgery with metal work in situ, Allergy to Penicillin and two visits to the Osteopath in 2015. I have no worries about it though, never went to the GP about back pain, not had any problems at all post surgery, and my allergic reaction was when I was an Infant. @ws1602, If i get past the TMU, do you mind if I continue your thread? We are basically like for like in terms of our application, all bar the medical side of things.


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Just a reminder @MindGames - if your son is able to give me the detail regarding his unsuccessful attempts to submit an application for over 7 months, I will investigate on his behalf.


I had problems too with applying , my role said I can be 15 years and 9 months to apply but when I try to submit my application I am told that I have to be 16.

The Interview:
So once again I arrived with plenty of time before the interview, it was booked for 0930 and arrived at 0910. The Careers Officer pulled me into the room and advised that due to my score on my Recruitment Test, I have scored high enough to apply for Communications Technician. She then explained what the CT was and that if I leave the Navy then I have something that I can get a job in when I get back into Civy Street.

When the Interview started she explained about the questions she would ask;
  • Family - who do you live with? How many siblings do you have? What's your relationship like with your parents and siblings?
  • Education - where did you go to school? What did you study? What qualifications did you get? What was your favourite subject and why? What was your least favourite subject and why?
  • Spare time activities - what hobbies do you have? what do you do in your free time? (They ask further questions based on what you answer)
  • Social Life - what do you do socially? What do you do with your friends etc? Once again further questions are asked based on your answers.
  • Previous employment - what do you currently do for work? How long have you been there? What are you responsibilities? Who are you previous employers and what did you do?
  • The Navy - Why do you want to join the Navy? What do you want to apply as? What do they do? What is involved in your training (both basic and phase 2)? How much will you be paid during initial training? How much leave do you get?
That is all I can think of. It was incredibly relaxed and the interviewer made me feel very calm and often cracked jokes. We often ended up talking about my family and how we all get on, we talked about phys and how I need to improve it, we talked about training as I had just changed what I was applying for.

Obviously first impressions are massive!!! It is imperative that you wear a full suit (female equivalent) clean shoes, neat haircut and females neat hair bun or what ever you do with your hair. Males clean shave and make sure your suit is smart, clean, well pressed and that your tie is done in a neat knot right upto the collar and not showing your top bottom. Females I cant really advise for you to dress as I don't wear female clothes - but the obvious things are neat hair, clean polished shoes, if wearing tights make sure they have no rips or ladders in the name and that you wear clean clothes which are well pressed as well.

The Result
They then send you away for an hour whilst they compile the interview and allow time to do any necessary paperwork. You then go back in and they ask you how it went how you felt the interview went what do you think went badly or not so good. Afterwards, they tell your fate whether you passed or not and they then give you a debrief what the next steps are and any questions.

Next Steps:
I have a booked my eye-test for Friday after that I will send the paperwork to the AFCO who will forward it to Capita where I will receive a call to go over my medical and then receive a Medical date.
I wore a business skirt-suit with a smart collared-blouse, hair in a bun, minimal jewellry & low court shoes in 1989, as this was wardroom attire (but I think that trousers are acceptable for girls in 2018)

Capita Recruitment Medicals.........bloody useless

So changed my lunch to work around the call. Sat in a room from 12:15 waiting for the nurse at 12:20.

Gets 12:45 still no call, look on Google.... no contact numbers only an email. Called the AFCO provided me with a number to call. Call Capita and explain how pissed off I am because I had wasted my entire lunch break waiting for a call. Their answers was they've had system problems and the Nurses are massively behind schedule.

Cut a story short re-booked in for tomorrow at 14:40.
I believe that they are comminly called ‘Crapita’. Utterly useless but used by MoD, County Education, County Councils et al. Can’t figure out why as now wobbly financials too
Good God. Are you updating this as it happens? 'Cause if so, you are flying through the application!

I applied back in August 2016, sat my RT about 3-4 weeks after, filled in the Medical Questionnaire and handed it in within a week. Didn't hear anything relating until December where I got a surprise phone call from Capita.
Had my Med. Exam at the end of January and then my Interview a week later. Did the security vet about a day later. Never had anyone come round and interview me about it. Didn't have my PJFT until mid-March due to injury and failed due to lingering issues from said injury. Passed well in May and didn't have my PRNC until December.

It's been a long initial journey but the end of the beginning is in sight!
Best of Luck to you!
I agree with above poster, the social media etc wuestions must be enhanced security DV not just the basic SC clearance that everyone has initially as most never need DV & that’s a much more expensive process for MoD so they wouldn’t do it routinely - only needed for higher security level jobs.

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