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Hello, so I have recently started my application for Warfare Specialist in the Navy. I thought that I would try, to my best ability, and document each step and give as much advice as possible. I know that there is advice out there for individual sections but I plan to compile all onto this one.

Recruitment Test

The Day itself;
So I sat my Recruitment Test last week and thought I would share some feedback about the day especially since it seems to have changed since I last did it.

I received an invitation in the post inviting me to attend my local AFCO for 08:45 for my interview. There were 2 Officer Candidates, 2 RFA Candidates, 1 Royal Marine Candidate and 1 Royal Navy Candidate - me. There were different style of dress one came in a suit the other casual civies, some came in a shirt and tie and other's in their work gear.

In true military style I arrived super early, 0810 to be exact, luckily I wasn't the only one who thought better to be early than late. by 0845 the rest of the candidates had arrived. By 0900 we all had our paperwork checked and scanned things to consider - read the letter and don't forget any documents one person was turned away because they didn't bring their documents with them. The Tattoo proformer and the MOD Rehabilitation documents is easily found online.

By 0915 were we taken into the test room and given an informal brief by the AFCO about was going to happen we then received a formal official brief on what was going to happen - this is to ensure there is consistency across the UK. When then started the test I took off my watch and placed it on the desk so I could keep an eye on the time. You get 9 minutes for the General Reasoning and Verbal Ability, 16 minutes for maths and 10 minutes for mechanical comprehension. The best thing to do is to spend 20seconds per question if oyu cant answer write it down and come back to it saves you wasting time.

Needless to say I completed all 4 parts within the allocated time frame with enough time to go back and check my answers and answer any that I had not been able to answer and luckily I passed.

Only you know how you train best. I personally am I visual learner so I preferred to read about the test and did research. I bought 2 books:
- Armed Forces Test by Richard McMunn
- Psychometric Test for Dummies

The Armed Forces Test was, for me, the best as this specifically dealt with Armed Forces and not Psychometric tests as a whole. When I did the 30 questions I timed myself to make sure that I didn't go over the allocated time this comes in real use.

Reading books/newspapers or articles will also help massively!! I didn't think that reading could help improve your English but it does especially with grammar and spelling. Maths I have a friend who is a maths teacher so spent an hour with him and mechanical comprehension my dad is a mechanic so any questions I didn't understand I asked him to explain the theory of it.

There is also a link to an online test which has a timer built into it this is a very good test.

After the test:
Here comes the big wait. I had to wait an hour to find out if I had passed or not and it is the longest wait ever!! You then get called into a room and told your result. We were then give a 30 minute brief about the rest of the application process what is involved in each stage and they give you material about HMS Raleigh and the 10 week training (will post that later), eye test paperwork, medical questionnaire x 2 and we got given a Navy News so we can brush up on latest Naval News. They then booked out Interview for Tuesday 16th at 0930.

My Top Tips:
- Train to the times
- Have breakfast 90 minutes before the test
- Get a decent night sleep,
- Have plenty of water leading up to the test (good for the brain)

That's all I can think of I will post each stage of the application to keep you all posted!!

This was the book I used, very helpful. I liked that it explained the process to the answer as well. It has four timed tests in with variable difficulties, very useful in assessing your progress. I passed well ;)
Decent idea, make sure you update it at every stage, there's been a few that fade after a while, good luck in your application.
Good read! I am still trying to get past the first hurdle of submitting my application online...the new Recruiting system doesn't seem to like me very much. Ill keep an eye on your updates and hopefully ill be in the navy in 2018:)

The Interview:

So once again I arrived with plenty of time before the interview, it was booked for 0930 and arrived at 0910. The Careers Officer pulled me into the room and advised that due to my score on my Recruitment Test, I have scored high enough to apply for Communications Technician. She then explained what the CT was and that if I leave the Navy then I have something that I can get a job in when I get back into Civy Street.

When the Interview started she explained about the questions she would ask;
  • Family - who do you live with? How many siblings do you have? What's your relationship like with your parents and siblings?
  • Education - where did you go to school? What did you study? What qualifications did you get? What was your favourite subject and why? What was your least favourite subject and why?
  • Spare time activities - what hobbies do you have? what do you do in your free time? (They ask further questions based on what you answer)
  • Social Life - what do you do socially? What do you do with your friends etc? Once again further questions are asked based on your answers.
  • Previous employment - what do you currently do for work? How long have you been there? What are you responsibilities? Who are you previous employers and what did you do?
  • The Navy - Why do you want to join the Navy? What do you want to apply as? What do they do? What is involved in your training (both basic and phase 2)? How much will you be paid during initial training? How much leave do you get?
That is all I can think of. It was incredibly relaxed and the interviewer made me feel very calm and often cracked jokes. We often ended up talking about my family and how we all get on, we talked about phys and how I need to improve it, we talked about training as I had just changed what I was applying for.

Obviously first impressions are massive!!! It is imperative that you wear a full suit (female equivalent) clean shoes, neat haircut and females neat hair bun or what ever you do with your hair. Males clean shave and make sure your suit is smart, clean, well pressed and that your tie is done in a neat knot right upto the collar and not showing your top bottom. Females I cant really advise for you to dress as I don't wear female clothes - but the obvious things are neat hair, clean polished shoes, if wearing tights make sure they have no rips or ladders in the name and that you wear clean clothes which are well pressed as well.

The Result
They then send you away for an hour whilst they compile the interview and allow time to do any necessary paperwork. You then go back in and they ask you how it went how you felt the interview went what do you think went badly or not so good. Afterwards, they tell your fate whether you passed or not and they then give you a debrief what the next steps are and any questions.

Next Steps:
I have a booked my eye-test for Friday after that I will send the paperwork to the AFCO who will forward it to Capita where I will receive a call to go over my medical and then receive a Medical date.
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Thanks for all the useful info!
Got my interview coming up soon so this is a useful insight.
You mentioned that you changed the role you're applying for. Could you help me out with that, as I'm trying to do the same.
I've discussed it with the AFCO and they told me it's not a problem, but I have to do it on the online portal for my application.
But I can't see any way to change the role I'm applying for and I did a live chat through the Royal Navy website and they told me that I would have to call up my AFCO and get them to change it for me, yet the AFCO specifically told me they couldn't change it and it had to be me. :/
Thanks for all the useful info!
Got my interview coming up soon so this is a useful insight.
You mentioned that you changed the role you're applying for. Could you help me out with that, as I'm trying to do the same.
I've discussed it with the AFCO and they told me it's not a problem, but I have to do it on the online portal for my application.
But I can't see any way to change the role I'm applying for and I did a live chat through the Royal Navy website and they told me that I would have to call up my AFCO and get them to change it for me, yet the AFCO specifically told me they couldn't change it and it had to be me. :/

First of all, best of luck for your interview!!

I had no intention initially on changing the role I was applying for but the AFCO explained that my score was high enough and that I should really recommend looking at becoming a CT because when I go to leave the RN I will have transferable skills and because I lived around the corner from GCHQ I'm probably guaranteed to get a job there - if it is still there in 40+ years.

I am having major problems with my online portal. It is supposed to show upcoming assessments such as the interview but mine just remains blank. When I spoke to my AFCO they said that there the system is shit and that they'll just stick to the old fashion way of doing things.

If I was you I'd call your AFCO and say that you have tried to update the role you are applying for on the online portal but cannot see a why to do - see if they can shed any light on how it is done but also mention that you've spoken to the RN Recruitment web chat team and explain you were advised to contact AFCO.

Medical paperwork.

Once you have done all your RT you get given a lot of paperwork
  • Eye Test letter
  • Eye Test form (to be completed by Boots)
  • Eye Test payment form (to be completed by Boots)
  • 2 x Medical Questionnaire
  • Envelope
The Eye Test letter explains what the eye test is, does what it says on the tin.

Eye Test Form - this is the form that the Boots optician has to complete during your eye examination (they may use their own and copy it onto the RN one afterwards). It is really important that Boots fill in the RN properly (I believe it is double-sided) so make sure that you do not leave until your satisfied that has been filled in fullness.

Eye Test Payment - this is for Boots to fill in. This is how they get paid by the MoD for the eye test - DO NOT PAY FOR THE EYE TEST YOURSELF.

2 x Medical Questionnaire - 1 copy is for you to fill out and return to the AFCO. 1 is for you to copy exactly one you put in the other one ready for when the nurse calls.

Once you have completed the Eye Test and Medical Questionnaire you place it in the envelope and send it off.

Will provide more info once I have done my eye test - booked this Friday.


National Security Vetting Solution;

As part of the application to join the Royal Navy you have to complete an online Security Vetting. This asks you hundred's of questions - literally.

The Questions you ask are based around these categories;
  • Vetting Statement (tick box)
  • Your details
  • Addresses (past 10 years)
  • Contact details
  • Marital status
  • Previous Relationships (and their family's information DOB, nationality, where they live, how long they have lived there)
  • Parent Details
  • Details of brother and sisters (DOB, address, nationality, how long they have lived there)
  • Co-residents
  • Current Employment (contact details + supervisor details)
  • Previous Employment (contact details + supervisor details)
  • Education
  • Social Media and Internet Usage (these are very personal questions as they ask what apps use, what security software, what gambling websites you visit, what pornographic websites you visit -- just be honest they've seen it all)
  • Character Reference
  • Health Declaration
  • Criminal Convictions
  • Security Information
  • Other Information
  • Previous Security Clearances
  • Financial Circumstances
  • Income/Outgoings
  • Assests
  • Liabilities
  • Accommodation/Obligation
  • Financial History
  • Self-Employment
  • Declaration

After this has been submitted I will then receive a formal interview where somebody will come to either my workplace or my home address to go over all of my answers. This is to see if what you have put on the portal is true and just to clarify anything that may not have made sense or may not have been clear from what you put.

The AFCO made it very clear that they have seen everything and heard everything so just be honest it doesn't matter.

On the Social Media and Internet Usage they ask you to put the websites )URL) in such as what webchat/forum websites do you use and what porn websites do you go and you have to label the ones so don't do this in front of your mum or nan.
Are you sure you are not mixing up the info required for enhanced vetting (DV?) with what is required for Security Clearance?
When I did it in July I didn't have to provide any siblings info and definitely didn't have to mention any of the dwarf/bestiality sites that may or may not* be found on my hard drive.

(*not, just for the record :D)
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Eye Test

This is just a normal Eye Test done at your local Boots Opticians. They took photos of the back of your eye's and test your peripheral vision with a series of flashing white lights where you have to say if you saw them then how many flashed. Then you move to the room where they do the typical read the letters out and put on the weird glasses and change the lenses to see which one is clear when you stare at the dots. They then looked into my eye with a light thing and wrote the score on the paper provided by AFCO.

Remember to take the paperwork with you and do not pay for the test as the MoD has a contract with Boots. They then put my "score sheet" in an envelope as we are not allowed to know the results - not sure why?

When I got home I then put my eye test results in the envelope that the AFCO provided along with the Medical Questionnaire.

I know have to wait for them to book a Triage Nurse to call me to discuss the questionnaire.

Initial Training - phase 1.
NGT = Naval General Training
QA = Quality Assurance
MST = Military Swimming Test
NEFT = New Entry Fitness Test

Week 1 - Militarisation Phase
  • Induction
  • NGT Lessons
  • Medical & Dental
Discipline, Rounds, Personal Organisation, NEFT, MST, PT, Parade Drill, Kit Maintenance

Week 2 - Militarisation Phase Cont'd

  • NGT Lessons
  • Medical & Dental
  • NGT Exam 1
Self Study Skills, Personal Organisation, PT, Parade Drill, Kit Maintenance/Muster, High Rope, Divisions

Week 3 - Militarisation Phase Cont'd
  • MTU (CMS-1) Safet Rifle
  • Basic Combat Skills
  • Fieldcraft

Week 4 - Militarisation Phase Cont'd
  • Field Craft Skills (CMS 1)
  • CIED (CMS 9)
  • Interval Training
  • Swimming Exercise
  • Pier Cellars Exercise
  • Exercise Daring Leap
  • ADTO Kit Muster
  • Land Nav and CLM Training
  • NGT
Suitt fitting and Division

Week 5 - Marinisation Phase
  • Sea Sense (CMS 5) (STBD)\
  • Weapon Drill Assessment (PORT)
  • High Ropes
  • OP Law 1 (CMS 7)
  • PT A
NGT, QA, Chaplaincy, MPAR, H&S, SERE

Week 6 - Marinisation Phase Cont'd
  • Sea Sense (CMS 5) (PORT)
  • Weapon Drill Assessment (STBD)
  • High Ropes
  • OP Law 2 (CMS 7)
  • PT
  • Strecher Run
NFT, QA, Chaplaincy, E&D, OP, Risk Analysis

Week 7 - Marinisation Phase Cont'd
  • Dartmoor Leadership Training/Exercise - Exercise Hidden Dragon (Fri & Sat)
  • Obstacle Course Intro
  • Dartmoor Land Nav (CMS 1)
  • Weapon Drill and Guard Selection
  • OP Law 3 (CMS 7)
  • RAS Theory/Practical
NGT, QA, Chaplaincy, Divisions, Uniform Fitting

Week 8 - Marinisation Phase Cont'd
  • CBRNDC Team Building
  • First Aid (CMS 3)
  • Obstacle Course
  • Competition
  • PT
Divisions, NGT, Chaplaincy

Week 9 - Confirmation Phase
  • Maritime Familiration (Ships visit)
  • Weapon Drill
  • PT (Individual Challenge)
  • NGT Exam 2
  • Assault course intro
  • Assessed Final Maritime Exercise - Exercise Bright Diamond (Wed, Thurs, Fri)
  • GSR 10 Fitting & Test
  • Divisions
Week 10 - Confirmation Phase
  • Parade Drill
  • Assault Course
  • Sports Competition
  • Course Appraisals
  • MORI
  • IMF Pass Out
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