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2017 waiting times

Hey there,

What are the waiting lists like for marine engineering tech and air engineering tech currently?

Also, what roles have the shortest waiting lists?

High priority roles such as warfare officer, warfare specialist and chef will naturally have shorter waiting lists.
Not too sure about engineering sorry
Engineering Technician branches vary, but ET(ME) is currently <4months, AET around 6, ET(WE).10. All times are approximate and depend on individual circumstances, assuming there are no hold-ups during selection stages.

Shortage category branch is indeed Chef Submariner but the advice is choose a job you want rather than by waiting time to join as they are very, very different.
There are, I think, a couple of entries a year, both with vacancies. My guess is the waiting time is under six months at present, I'll check.
Hi guys quick question, if i contacted a AFCO and asked for a current wait time list for all roles would they supply me one?

Due to age i would rather get in sooner or later.

I'd rather not go to the AFCO explaining the same situation and get roped into becoming a chef.

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