2017 Diesel Boat Reunion


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Been asked to post this, permission for names and addresses has been given from the reunion organisers.


This year’s reunion will take place on Saturday 5th August (First Saturday in August) at Weston Mill Oak Villa Sports & Social Club, Ferndale Road, Plymouth, DEVON, PL2 2EL. (Drekly behind Camels Head Fire Station)

This event is open to ALL submariners ranks and rates.

Start Time 11.45 until last man standing.

Entry fee of £2 sterling to cover costs, anything left over and profit from the Rum Raffle will go to charity TBC.

The Rum Raffle, different types of rum organised by Arry the Rum Pirate.

The food must be pre-ordered, the cost is still £5.00 for the excellent selection of buffet food.


If you require food send a cheque payable to “MR WILLIAM DOBSON” he is the Victualling Coxswain for the day, for the sum of £7.00 and this will also cover you entrance fee and send it to:

Mr William Dobson,

15 Linketty Lane, Plympton, Plymouth, DEVON, PL7 1RD.

E-mail :- [email protected]

Home phone :- 01752 347009. Mob 07503 025009.

Any questions please contact me, Grant Fox at [email protected]

putting DBR in subject box.

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