2015 June intake for rating apprenticeship anyone?

Discussion in 'RFA' started by ThefamousGoose, Mar 30, 2015.

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  1. I'm currently awaiting my formal offer for the MM2 apprenticeship.

    Got all my paper work, tests and checks sorted just thought I'd browse the web a bit and found this forum.

    Thought I might as well see what the chat is.
  2. Im on the same course mate just waiting on the formal offer too
  3. when did you guys first apply? I am still waiting to hear back for the same role but haven't done no tests or interview yet, So I am surmising that I will miss this intake and will be another 10 weeks until I start anything for the next intake.
  4. Hi guys,

    I'm starting the mm2 apprenticeship on the 21st June as well.
    I'm assuming uve signed the contracts and sent them back, but I'm wondering if any of u had received the joining instructions yet cos I'm still waiting for mine
  5. Got my offer, signed and away.
    Personally I applied around april last year.
    I phoned the RFA last week ish, they said its basically left to the "School" now ie HMS Sultan, and they usually send out info at the latest 10 days before you are due down.
  6. I called this morning and was told end of week, start of next week. Just wondered if it was the same for everyone.
    I'm a local so sultan is just round the corner for me. Where is everyone else coming from?
  7. Started my application last june
    Got my offer in this morning gonna be sending it off in the morning
  8. I called today and I have to get my rt booked in the next couple of days. So guess I'm at the start if it all another years wait for me!

  9. Other end of the country mate, central Scotland. You ex RN of going in a blank page like me ? Lol
  10. Yup you still have your interview and medical among other things.
  11. Im traveling from glasgow gonna head down on the saturday hopefully find a place to stay overnight
  12. I'll likely be doing the same mate , flying from toon because the train takes half a day.
  13. Yeah was looking at flights too got to wait till friday b4 booking tho, there should be some transit lines at base but ill wait till joining instructions arrive b4 calling them incase it says something on them
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  14. I've just left the navy reserves so I'm half way lol.
    God that's a trek. At least we're not Raleigh that wud be worse.
    Coming down sat is prob a good option as u won't be so knackard for the Sunday. There r a few b and B's around so u shud find one
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  15. Well don't be a stranger then keep me posted if you want, we might end up on the same flight down.
  16. Been talking to another local ish guy who is ex RN he will be on the june intake. Mind you everyone is local compared to me, further from home the better I say :p
  17. Well if u guys do end up coming down on sat let me no where u r and I'll come meet u for a beer. Be nice to know a couple of people before we start.
    Also if u guys get ur joining instructions let me no incase I have to chase mine up
  18. No problem mate, same goes to you.

    Ill be going to Spain for a week then a wkend in Prague prior to joining so I might miss my letter/email initially.
  19. Sounds like a plan
    Ill post on here when my joining instructions arrive
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  20. U lucky bugger. Have fun. I'll post if I get mine aswell

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