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. I have heard that appeals are only considered for shortage branches, so I may have to consider switching my application if necessary.

The long standing advice for that scenario is only put yourself forward for something you definitely want to do. Changing once you have enlisted can be very difficult.
Did you get the painting finished before bed??
I wish, got up for a wazz, phone was flashing so like a Pratt I picked it up!!! Never again, took me a few minutes to focus then regretted it because my night vision went south. Then I found I was wide awake. I'll just swamp the bed tonight!!!!:eek:o_O:D
That’s terrible. Any one can get a UTI and be left with damage. Are they going to knock them back too? You were born with reflux which has caused no issues until now. Appeal it definitely
It has to be either the damaged kidney (though I've provided evidence that my renal function is normal) or the history of water infections. I already had a history of childhood water infections because of the reflux, but those naturally stopped after the reflux was resolved. The singular 2015 water infection occurred about a decade after I was discharged from follow up.

If this PMU is because of a single water infection, then I have no words.

You can't tell me there's not been one person in the entire royal navy who hasn't been put on antibiotics for an infection at least once in their lives.
What happens after you have joined is a totally different matter. And I'm afraid that isn't a valid argument - sorry.
I understand, this is just frustration and speculation on my part. I wouldn't use that as an actual argument in my appeal.
Appreciate it is very frustrating. Sadly, all you can do is provide the best evidence you can and hope the medical personnel who review your case look on it positively.

My son suffered from some form of reflux which resulted in him, last year, having his gall bladder removed. Fortunately, he'd been in, (7 years), and is now out having become disillusioned. Even I have to admit leaving was the best thing for him.

Stay positive and let us know how you get on.

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