2010 Social Diary

Discussion in 'Social & Reunions' started by 2_deck_dash, Feb 17, 2010.

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  1. Yes of course I am/have been/are going to be a matelot

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  1. So I have already kicked off by inviting you to the HAC open day where a combination of pyrotechnics, helicopters, beer and grilled meat will be the order of the day.

    What other events can we use as an excuse to meet up and get trolleyed?

    Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race, 3rd April
    I will be perched up in a nice pub somewhere on the River.

    Obviously the Army vs Navy Rugby at Twickenham on May 1st
    No explanation necessary. The only excuse you have for not being there is that you are on ops or you are dead.

    FA Cup Final, 15th May
    Nice pub with a big screen, regardless of who's playing.

    Polo in the park, 4th - 6th June
    If you've never been to the Polo before you are missing out. Blokes falling off horses and smashing eachother up with mallets and more posh fanny and Champagne than you can shake a stick at.

    Brickwoods Field Gun at Collingwood which is usually in June
    Another good day out with a decent beer tent.

    Henley Regatta, 30th June - 4th July
    Basically a week of getting pissed next to a river.

    Goodwood Festival of Speed, 2nd - 4th July

    Farnborough Air Show, 19th - 25th July
    For the WAFUs and plane spotters.

    Cartier International Polo, 25th July
    See above.

    London Great British Beer Festival, 3rd - 7th August
    It's a beer festival therefore I will be there.

    Notting Hill Carnival, 29th - 30th August
    Another excuse to get pissed. Watch out for pickpockets though as it's full of them.

    Goodwood Revival, 17th - 19th September
    Vrrrooooooom! This time in tweed.

    Lord Mayor's Show, 13th November
    Fireworks on the Thames and pub before Remembrance Sunday the next day.

    Anymore for anymore?
  2. That is a great list 2dd! I would go to all of those.

    Can the Navy Days at Pompey be added or are they not posh enough?

    PS If I go to the Polo in the Park, can I be excused the looking for posh f???y bit please?
  3. Cant believe you missed the Johnstone paint trophy final at Wembley between Carlisle and Southampton on March 28.
  4. Why thankyou! :D I have been to all of the events listed at some point in the past and can vouch for their quality!

    Other ones coming up this year which I quite fancy:

    Royal Ascot, Ladies Day, 18th June.
    Mrs 2_Deck is a member so we go every year. It falls on the same day as the HAC ball which means I better pace my drinking. It also means I will be absolutely skint, luckily it is payday for me.

    Red Bull Flugtag, June sometime.
    The thing in Hyde Park where people try and fly in their homemade flying machines. I've never been but it looks great.

    Chap Olympiad, July.
    Google it, it looks awesome!

    Red Bull Air Race, August.
    High speed plane racing in the docklands. Seen it on telly and always fancied it.
  5. Flugtag would be awesome
  6. Navy days are definitely good enough for the list, doesn't need to be posh!

    I suppose so! :lol: I went last year and the VIP tent was being stewarded by a Chief Gunner and some ABs. I showed him the old MOD 90, spun a few gash dits and he let me and my mates in where booze and food was all free. Turns out we had quite a few mutual acquaintances as well. I ended up sitting at a table with Princess Beatrice and a salty old Chief gunner spinning gash dits and getting absolutely rat arsed.

    Very surreal but a top day out.

    I don't think I saw a horse all day!
  7. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Thats a matter of opinion, I'm sure shes charming in the flesh. :wink:
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    A month of the world cup as well.

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