2010 New Year's Honours.

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by canteenflat, Dec 27, 2010.

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  1. Situation normal.
    I Killick Chef
    ! Admiral
    1Vice Admiral
    1Rear Admiral
    2 Commodores
    2 Captains
    6 Commanders.
    7 A handful of odd and sod WO's

    Nothing's changed
  2. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    The normometer is twitching. More likely it is the cock who likes to flatter norman by imitation.

    Would that be 2011 New Year Honours genius?

    If I get your drift, you disapprove. How many JRs did you nominate for awards? Or are you just bitter, twisted and clueless about the system. Perhaps when a Leading Seaman commands a ship on operations he or she will be appointed OBE.

    A link is customary.
  3. [But there is something to be said for returning to a system of separating Officers and Ratings in the Honours and Awards. How many LH/PO's who were previously eligible for BEMs have been awarded MBEs; would we grant a DSO to a Sgt RM (instead of the DCM he would have previously been awarded)?
  4. so if you get a gong, makes you feel better..............scrap the feckin lot
  5. The honours system is outdated and past its sell by date.
    The need for bits of tin to say well done my good and faithful servant is ridiculous.
    We need to bring the system in line with peerages, let those that want the gongs pay for them as many of those elevated to the lords have to do.
    so what is the going rate for a BEM, a CBE etcetera?
    Answers on a £20 note to your local political representative.
  6. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Cornish Golfer burbled
    With reasoning like that is it any wonder you have been awarded an O2T in the RR COs' Honours List?
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    The powers that be scrapped the old "British" based honours system down here in NZ some years ago in favour of a new "Kiwi" one, funnily enough the present Government reinstated the old system when they came to power so it obviously works and is a world recognised system.

    No sour grapes from this callsign, well done to all who have been recognised.
  8. I think Purple Twiglet took an intense dislike to Cornish :p

    As to the thread........cant really see what the OP is getting at really. Bit of a pointless thread
  9. PO`s do get MBEs it stands for M*** Bonked Everything and he did, allegedly
    Canteen Flat, provide a source for the 2011 New Year Honours List from which you claim to quote and you'll be allowed to post.

    Unless of course you are dripping about the 2010 list, published in 2009 then you can just fcuk off.
  11. Correct. Little has changed. A Captain is more likely to make continuous, critical high profile decisions of significant impact than AB(CIS) buttfunk.

    So wring out your underpants.
  12. Think the Knighthoods and honours awards are Ok but the Peerage system is a right feed ----------------- theres 270 seats in the House of Lords and about 400 + peers

  13. As I understand it Cornish Golfer is actually a 35year man ex RO who retired LT CDR ?
    some OXY2 T

    Jack McH
  14. Getting an honour is EXPENSIVE to you
    First you are photo ed and then offered the photos at £25 each "a must have" then the Video of receiveing it from Her Maj a snip at £145
    You are then allowed to have your children Christened at the Royal Chapel, "The chapel up keep is expensive to run and any donation is gratefully recived " suggested "£500 Per year of which you can set up a DD for LIFE"

    It is obvioulsy embarassing on the day to refuse

    The celebration dinner with one other guest only £300, a stay in the SMOKE overnight and travel

    Then one month later the POSTIE delivers a maginificent illuminated scroll for you to keep, only £250 on sale or return but Her Maj has signed this personally OH DEAR

    Then the reality kicks in It should not have been the MBE but the OBE "Other Buggers Efforts" you were given

    Most receiprents recieve it on the backs of others efforts, or had a fabulours well paid lifestyle as in actress or pop star

    Jack McH
  15. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    JMHL dribbled
    Retires at or before 35?

    You don't
    He isn't.

    As for your dribble about the through life expense of receiving an honour, are you speaking from personal experience or is it just another ill-informed bitter and twisted rant?

    Mod cap on:

    not really Current Affairs as it appears obvious the OP has confused ( as chimps do) 2010 with 2011, doesn't understand the system and doesn't answer challenges to his bollocks. Moved to QD. When the 2011 list is promulgated on 31 December 2010, a new thread can be started.
  16. Why has canteen flats post been deleted?
    Once again heavy handed modding with no explanation just a rude comment.
  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    [email protected] Mods eh, lets all have a dribble about something that happened last year, hell let's even invite Norman to the party.

    Mods, [email protected] the lot of them...... :roll:
  18. Disagree with you there blobby, most Mods are pretty good, however we do have one or two who seem pissed with power.
    Normong does post on here and believe it or not some of his posts are intelligent, it isn't all about failed Lt/Cdrs.
    I do think that when a post is culled the MOD responsible should identify him/her self and then give a reason. :(

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