2007 Rugby World Cup final

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Ships_Cat, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. So, I hear theres a little game of rugger this Saturday.....

    Can England overturn that group result? They've played better games since, and mullared Australia, but as Laporte pointed out, the best team were the All Blacks, and they lost to France. Ugly win? Can England snuff the quality the 'Boks have all over? Who will win the forwards battle? All this and more.....

  2. FFS Cat....What have you been smoking.........All Blacks the best team?????? They have made a living out of playing SH teams and always look good against the likes of Samoa and Tonga. A legend in their own lunchtimes IMHO.

    England would have knocked the socks off them :thumright:

  3. 4 wweks ago we got our arses kicked ,,,Then the old bulldog spirit to over and the team has changed.
    Anything can happen in knockout Rugger

    And ya we could win this...
  4. Well, I have watched them play England a few times in the past, and we were completely outplayed at times. Granted this is a different side, but they looked like they could have laced the frogs at half time. They're a bit like Brazil in footy, they are their own worst enemy. But they have such a conveyor belt of talent its hard to keep up, and do you think any other team runs or moves the ball better than them? I suppose they will blame the silver shirts like ManU when they binned those grey things they had.

    Is that tongue in cheek or bravado? I think we could give them a decent game in the pack, but I doubt they would want to play ruck and maul with us. Getting past Jerry Collins is hard enough, but with Rokocoko coming at us and Carter punishing with the boot, who do we look to, to get us points? I know we have the big match experience with Catt, Lewsey, Wilko, but without Robinson we struggle. Farrell and Gomarsall have given us some points but I would like to see more from the likes of Easter, or Dallaglio if he ever gets a game. Moody and Tait can and will do more for us.

    At least its only South Africa we are playing in the final......right :afro:
  5. I'm serious Cat; the SH teams with the exception of Los Pumas play a different style of rugby to the NH teams. The biggest threat to England from the Springboks will be Bryan Habana. He could have been a world-class sprinter and England has no one to match him for speed and agility. He is 24 years old. We have the best forwards and the best scrum in the world; Robinson is a god-send but we don't have speed so we will have to fall back on strength and experience, tie down the Boks' speed and rely on Wilkinson.

    We shouldn't be in this situation but we are and we will have to make the best of it.

    England's big problem is that the team is old and creaky; the reason why Dallaglio only comes on for the last ten minutes is that he is 36 years old and ten minutes of world pace rugby is stretching him. Don't get me wrong, I admire the English players tremendously and the way that they have fought back after a 36-0 defeat against the Boks is unbelievable. England is paying the price for a lack of vision after 2003 and I think that the best thing that could happen to them is to seriously cull some of the "men in blazers" who have prevented youngsters coming up through the ranks. English grass-roots rugby is a shambles and there is little help given to youngsters at club level. I have a vested interest here - my son plays club, school and county - last year he missed a trial for England Under XVI's because of injury...............he gets no help from England and neither do any of his teams. He attended Martin Johnson's rugby camp last year and again no help or encouragement from higher up the ladder.

    The French and the Kiwi's put huge resources into youth rugby whilst England does the square root of FA.

    Saturday will come down to whether Wilkinson has his kicking boots on ......... this game stands more chance of being won on penalties than any other in the tournament and I will be cheering the boys on here in Texarse :thumright:

  6. TBH I think its one too many games for England to achieve another miracle , but on the plus side the Boks havent played a decent opposition in this tournament yet, that includes us, and their arrogance can be their undoing. Head says Boks by at least 6 points, heart says another jonny drop goal will seal it.
  7. Completely agree, but that is due to their grassroots education as they are given more handling and running with the ball. Its long been the criticism that despite SH coaches coming over we just don't adopt running rugby. We seem to emphasize the scrum and moving it, controlling the lineout and smothering possession. But as you point out, since the sport is second or third to soccer, and they (soccer) have a poor grassroots system, no link from schools to clubs, nowhere for kids to play, what do we expect from the RFU. Jeez, the Welsh RU has better links in South Wales, at least. I'm not saying we can ever expect to be on level terms with soccer coaching, but I wonder where the clubs think all their future players will come from if they don't pay attention.

    Awesome player, if we dont tie him up early he will punish us inside the 22.

    Thank f**k for Wilko getting fit. I know the 'boks realise we are a different team from the one they panned 36-0, with him now in the lineup, they might not give so many pens closer in, but that forces them to stay up with us and then our pack can move the ball. TBH when we lost Johnson after the last WC, I thought we would struggle to control the ball but at least that has continued.

    Again, agreed, the average age of the team needs to come right down. Mike Catt kept getting better as he got older, but theres no other way to say it, he just cant hang for 80mins with a 24 year old. Like Arsene Wenger puts his trust in young players, we need to resist the temptation to go with the older heads.

    Well, like the last final, a drop goal, against the French, drop goal, and pens to shore up the game. I guess they must know as soon as he's in range he'll have a pop, but its down to the forwards to give him the room and that I think they can do. Although the 'boks are favourites by almost all Ive read, they must be bricking it that we'll nick it on the day. Likewise the Aussies. (Swing low plays in the background......) "Frankie Pienaar, CAN YOU HEAR MEEEEEEE....(etc)"

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