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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by SJRM_RN, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. 'They only wanted to play music'

    the headline from The Mirror

    A day that will stick in my mind, I was ten, it was the first time I saw my dad cry and not the last time for a good few weeks after, I know when I get home tonight ( yes just to certain circumstances I'm 30 and back home) there will be a Tot waiting, no word just an understanding
  2. Apoligies for the double post but some pictures I took at on a recent visit to the RM museum at Southsea:


  3. I was there less than 2 years later and obviously it was still very much on the mind of the bandies.

    R.I.P Royal Marines :cry:
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I had tickets to the theatre that night, I was meant to go and see the Buddy Holly story, back then alot of the big west end shows would start their run down in Guzz (cant remember the name of the theatre, was it the drum?)

    That got canned, as one of only about 30 GD marines in Logs I was swiftly pinged to boost the guard and found myself tooled up and stood on the main gate of Seaton Barracks, alas the place is no longer there but if anyone can remember it was right on the main road into Guzz from Derriford hospital. Lots and lots of cars stopped that night and the good people of guzz passed on their condolences, that was nice. I ended up doing about 4 hours straight stood on the main gate and at least 3 cop cars pulled up and asked me (in all seriousness) not to go and shoot anyone.

    The incident led to a bit of a media frenzy of reporters trying to break into military camps to "test" security, real dumbfcuk of the reporters, especially as we would patrol the perimeter with live ammunition and were very familiar with the use of the old "Yellow cards". One reporter was caught in the act of breaking in and given a good shoeing with very little sympathy from the big boss when he complained.
  5. A very very sad day indeed it should never be forgotten !.
  6. Agreed.

    An outstandingly cowardly act even in comparison to the many other cowardly acts from those responsible.

    RIP Royal Marine Bandsmen.
  7. I was just thinking after reading this forum it is 35 years since the M62 bombing(i think) that was also atrocious .I mean forces families going on leave .The murdering BAS$%ARDS .Why and what ewas the point of it .THey say easy soft targets (yes) but women and children ???????? i ask you ?
  8. Served on the Ark with one of the bandies who was in Deal at the time. Slept in the bunk above me. Nice chap went on to be a chiropodist. Sad sad story. RIP.
  9. I was in week 3 of training at CTC, i remember standing outside the training block and the DS telling us what had happened at Deal that day.....
    RIP Bandies

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