Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by DCS1987, May 20, 2010.

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  1. Hey, just had the (rather uninformative) ICP yesterday and they said they'd post out my application early next week. Whilst at the AFCO I was told that across all branches the waiting time is 2 years.
    Is this between when I submit my application and when I can do the RT, the AIB and enter BRNC? Or is it two years before I have completed training and been given a deployment?
  2. When you pass the RT......the wait starts. its a pain i know but uunfortunately the way it is. The RT will be booked for you as soon as you submit your app forms to the AFCO. Or thats how mine went.

    My RTT was end of April and iv got a 12 month wait
  3. Damn, missed part of your question out sorry. The wait is the time from geting your RT done and passed to the point you begin training. Thats for rating anyhow. As for officers. .... one of the mods will be along at some point to explain better. But the wait is generally seeming to be RT until start of training
  4. Officer recruitment is totally different from rating recruitment, rates have waiting lists, officers depend on a myriad of factors - for example its easier to get an AIB date for shortage branches like WE, IS or Warfare than it is to get a logistics date. Also it depends on places at BRNC etc.
    For example I passed my medical in January, AIB in March and was offered an April BRNC date
  5. See? mention the words 'someone who might know should turn up soon' and there they are!
  6. So I apply, do my RT and then wait two years to do anything else?
  7. Can you see IS Potential's post?
  8. No, The AFCO will do the RT first as that decides if you make the grade for officer/rating etc. that result is valid for 3 yrs i believe. From then interviews medicals and the fitness test and of course your Admiralty board will probably be done on the basis of when a slot is available. and in the case of medicals.......which i think last a year ......closer to date of starting. Just pure guessing here based on my experience through my application for Rating
  9. I can now, didn't refresh the page before last post.
    I'm hoping to apply as a warfare officer, so as I understand it I might not have to wait two years? The branch is in need of applicants and officer application and training is different - right?
  10. I would recommend that you ring the AFCO to clear up your confusion as the explanation on here doesn't seem to work for you. Don't worry too much. You've already displayed plenty of officer qualities, so it shoud be a breeze for you !!!!!!!
  11. Cheeky bastard! I just want to get things clarified as the boobs at the Belfast AFCO were most unhelpful.
  12. Ah well ya see. Belfast....explains it all. ;)
  13. You're really going to get a good response with that attitude.
  14. Yeh, it wasn't great lol. And I knew I shoulda put a 'lol' in my last post, sounds kinda hostile upon reflection. Thanks for the info guys, you've been more helpful than the ICP.
  15. Let's hope that Super Mario and Ninja Stoker aren't bessy oppo's with someone from that office then.
  16. Join the Crabs, win the war, and you'll be out in time to join up. Will be the same as if you never bothered, your dits will still be Sh*t!!! :)
  17. We could always accept that perhaps, maybe, lets whisper it - Belfast aren't very good...

    When the earth was still cooling, and I had my AIB application in, I didn't hear from my AFCO for nearly 6 months - this included me passing the AIB and being awarded a scholarship!
  18. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    On the officer side, I don't get it. We must be losing good material by telling people to wait two years - by then, if they are any good, they will have found something else to do and be starting to progress in it.

    In my day a million years ago, before Raquel Welch in fur bikini even, it was so much more straightforward. Leaving out the written exam which was shortly thereafter superseded by A levels, all those educationally qualified were summoned to a medical and psychometric tests in London. Jump that hurdle and off to Paddington, train to BRNC and AIB, get oil drum across shark-infested squash court. This process for me (including exam) happened during the summer term, scruffy Gestetnered acceptance chit arrived in August, start BRNC January bright-eyed and bushy tailed all ready to use boathook to fish Pakistanis out of the Dart (they lived in the drying room, only place warm enough for them).
  19. Well from Medical to BRNC took me 3 months

    Non shortage branches tend to have a longer wait

    Advice for BRNC would be to take 2 smaller bags rather than one huge immovable weight.

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