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2 years in the application process


Hello all I'm new here and just been trawling through the net to find some information.

I have my rnac booked for March and a provisional entry date to Raleigh in April, annoyingly when doing a check of my manhood the other day I had the heart stopping moment of thinking I'd found a lump! Though it was more of a veiny mass and after googling it I self diagnosed it as a varicocele... Usually symptomless but sometimes needs a small procedure to sort out if there's any pain, unfortunately with mine there is a dull ache which is pretty uncomfortable so I've made an appointment to see my GP on Friday.
I'll be sure to notify my afco on the outcome.. I guess what I'm wondering here is if anyone has any knowledge of whether a procedure like this would bar me from entry? I read somewhere that it shouldn't be a problem if it doesn't hurt but like I said mine does a little.

Thanks in advance.
Whilst not qualified to advise on medical suitability for service, it's probably best just to give a steer with regard the application of a bit of common sense. Firstly sorry to hear of your circumstances.

Internet self-diagnosis is a bit hit and miss at best. I remember once sharing a flat with a group of student nurses who used to frighten themselves stupid with a medical dictionary and good old self-diagnosis. By their reckoning, they should all be dead several times over by now ;)

It is of course easy for others to make light of something, but I'd be inclined to see what the doc says rather than worry about anything else just yet. If it was me, my priority would be getting my bits sorted first, career second.

In the event someone needs a minor surgical procedure prior to entry it's usually easy enough to defer their entry date then slot them in to a cancellation place once they are fully fit to enter.

Best of luck.
Many thanks Ninja, I'll have a thorough checkup with the Dr and if there's anything up with the little fella I'll tell the afco and hope I'm not put on an NHS waiting list waiting for the op haha
It is one of those rare, legitimate occasions where you can stride confidently into your GP surgery, get your bits out and utter the line; "Doc, I want you to look at this"

When he/she recoils and enquires; "Why what's wrong with it?"

You can proudly smile and say; "Nuthin', it's a beauty, innit?" ;)
I remember once sharing a flat with a group of student nurses who used to frighten themselves stupid. By their reckoning, they should all be dead several times over by now ;)

interesting please tell us more? The OP tells he has man problems, and you tell him you lived with student nurses?
sorry back on thread advice from Ninja is sound, no point worrying about the unknown, see your doc and take it from there, keep your AFCO up to speed at all times, so if needs be a new date can be set when you are fit for training, life is full of set backs, it is how you handle them is what counts. Good luck.

Now you have started this thread keep us posted.
Will do sumo :) bit painful after standing all day so laying down now is a big relief for them... Also rubbed in some ibuprofen gel o_O

This could actually be my second setback! This time last year I got glandular fever and tonsillitis and then found out the hard way I'm allergic to penicillin! And when I showed this reaction to the GP I was sent to hospital as they thought I'd gotten septicaemia haha took me ages to get the allergy test sorted for the afco so I'll try harder to keep them notified this time :rolleyes:FB_IMG_1470738609714.jpg
P.s pic is my reaction to amoxicillin urghh
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Now you have started this thread keep us posted.

So was in quite a bit of pain last night so took myself to a+e after work at 7am, had a really great urology doctor who put me down as urgent for a scan and an embolisation which is some sort of radiological procedure.
Also she told me there was no lumps to worry about and she pretty sure it is a varicocele.
Will be going to the afco soon to explain it all to them, maybe tomorrow but it's my birthday so.... Meh

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