2 Yanks


War Hero
Two American PFC’s had been sitting in a slit trench in Vietnam for three days.

1st says, “Gee man, these compo rats are beginning to work, I really must take a dump!â€

2nd replies, “Sorry bud, I’m not gonna let you dump in hereâ€. He then carefully looks over the edge of the trench and checks the arcs of fire before quickly returning to the safety of the trench stating, “ I’ve had a quick look over the edge and about 40 mils left about 300m there is some bushes that would give you ideal coverâ€.

Objecting, the 1st states, “Come on man, I get out this dug out and Charlie’s gonna slot me, I ain’t got a chance of reaching that cover!â€

“Don’t worry budâ€, says the 2nd reassuringly, “You clime out, haul ass and I will give you covering fire. You just holler when you wanna come backâ€.

“Gee man, you’re the best, gimme covering fireâ€.

The second PFC takes up position and then starts putting rounds down the range while his mate zig-zags to the bushes, dodging incoming fire. He confirms that he has reached the bushes safely before getting his head down.

He makes a mental note of the time and anxiously waits for his buddy to shout for covering fire.

The PFC in the trench checks his watch and realises that he has not heard from his buddy for over an hour. Mildly concerned he begins to wonder where his mate is. Two hours pass and now he is worried. He imagines that Charlie has killed his mate. Four hours have elapsed and he is imagining that worse than being killed, his mate has been captured and is being tortured in some Charlie camp when he hears his mate shout, “I’m coming back, give me covering fire!â€

Immediately he is in a firing position and putting the rounds down. His buddy bursts from the bushes and dodging incoming fire, running like a man possessed, dives head first back to the safety of the trench. Sitting down the 2nd says, “Man, you had me worried there, what took you so long?â€

“Well bro...â€, came the reply, “I reached the bushes and had one hell of a dump. Just as I was pulling up my pants I saw her lying there. A gook chick with a perfect body, completely stark naked and not more than 17 years old. I couldn’t resist it, I had to give her one. She was fantastic, I did her doggy style, then she rode me like a pony before I pulled out and gave her a pearl necklaceâ€.

“Wow manâ€, says the 2nd, “did she give yo blow job too?â€

“No manâ€, came the reply, “I couldn’t find her head!!!â€