2 X Naval shipyards to close [BBC]

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by willsonline, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. 10 o Clock new have just mentioned that the MOD is seeking to close 2 naval yards (Scottish). This is after the planned CVF work is completed.

    Your thoughts?

    PS: I originally posted 1 would close, this is what the 10 o clock news said. The online report is saying different...

  2. Re: 1 X Scottish shipyard to close [BBC]

    It states 2 shipyards on the BBC news website - clearly inflation is back with us. Let's face it the BBC is hardly reliable these days is it ?
  3. Portsmouth, however, is in a weak position if there are to be closures, as I understand it can't build the size of ships necessary for replacement of the Royal Navy's Type 42 destroyers.

    BBC Scotland's Business Editor

    Not sure about this, des he mean FSC programme?
  4. The type 45s boy! The 45s replace the 42s. FSC 'might' be the successor of the 23s, though in this indecipherable budgetary sh!tstorm I don't have a friggin clue.
  5. Yeah... sorry, scrub that last Q...tit!!!
  6. Here's a thing: you need Rosyth to assemble the components of a QE Class Carrier. Once it's built, where does it go for UPKEEP periods and DEDs? Another corner painted in to?
  7. They will probably subcontract the work to Brest or possibly Port Suez. :roll:
  8. THoughts?

    FSC is off the table as an FFG… Vosper OPV's are to be the new workhorses of the fleet.

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  9. I became increasingly annoyed with the Today Programme this morning. Incessant references to the closure of Royal Navy shipyards. Since when has Scotstoun been even a “Navy†shipyard? Perhaps the BBC’s image of the RN is now so insignificant that accuracy doesn’t matter anymore.


    What did particularly annoy me was a report that the MoD was going to finance all redundancy costs and site decontamination work.
  10. BBC are saying Scotstoun and Govan. Shouldn't affect in-service support of warships, might speed up the building process of new ships- if we can persuade MOD to stop letting contracts involving barges and multiple yards for one vessel.

    Annoying that they are referred to as Naval yards, as everyone immediately thinks of Guzz/Pompey, but actually maybe not all bad news for the RN.
  11. What's new? This has been the way for decades
  12. It seems that the pigeons have come home to roost. Remember Lord Drayson's Defence White Paper on Defence Industrial Strategy published in Dec 2005? It sought to ensure that the capability requirements of the Armed Forces can be met now and in the future by giving industry a clearer idea of MOD priorities; allowing them to make informed decisions on restructuring. It also sought to promote a sustainable defence industrial base that maintains the industrial capabilities needed in the UK to ensure national security.

    The bit about the Maritime Sector starts on page 68. I am reminded of the old chestnut about the head of the U.S. Patent Office sending his resignation to President McKinley urging the closing of the office in 1899 because "everything that could be invented has been invented."
  13. In many ways this all goes back to Thatcher and the end of Cost Plus, a process which the septics stiil use when appropriate interestingly. As the comtitive tendering process developed it became clear that the MOD was pretty rubbish at both identifying and manging risk so they decided to ofload this to the contractors. The contractors said OK but it will cost you and it has. Having ofloaded risk the MOD then tried to offload investment on the basis the companies benefited from investment thus they should pay. This time the companies said just a minute, why should be invest in defence procurement when we don't know what will be procured. Now wheel in Lord Grayson, lovely report but sod all action.

    I suspect this paper is part of the process BVT is going through with the MOD to try and plan for the future. Just as it takes time to get Jack onto the trained strength it takes time also to get skilled people onto the shop floor in industry. BVT does need to plan now for the facilities and workforce needed in 2015 and it would seem that on what the MOD has stated so far most of the company is going down the tubes

    Interestingly though it equally begs the question as to how many yards will stay open now if you cancell the carries tomorrow.

    Has the messy beast managed to pull a fast one on Gordon.
  14. Maxi - I believe you are confusing Lord Drayson (author of the DIS White Paper) with Lord Grayson (who wasn't). Or were you thinking of Lord Greystoke as in Michael Heseltine (Tarzan)? :wink:
  15. It certainly wasn't Tarzan, rather it was Drayson. Heard him speak once, almost sounded as if he understood what he was talking about. Mind you if he actually knew what he was doing that makes what has happened over the last ten years in procurement even worse.
  17. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Beeb is still gibbering about 'Royal Navy shipyards'.

    With that level of editorial understanding, what price the rest of the commentary.
  18. Discussion on Clyde yards all to do with MIS and more importantly the ongoing TOBA discussions between MoD, BVT and Babcock. BBC Scots editor knows not what he is talking about - particularly as VT move to Pompey was aimed at building entire T45 (rather than just bow sections), hence retention of 14 dock.

    This is what happens when shipyards close....

  19. Call me cynical, but isn't the Govan and Scotstoun shipyards in the former speaker Michael Martin's backyard? Won't a large number of the people affected by possible job losses be people living in an area voting in a by-election in September, to replace the 'Rt Honourable' Mr Martin? It wouldn't surprise me if this leak turned out to be political...
  20. It is certainly very interesting to see the level of panic this has engendered in Labour's Scottish Secretary, who is having opanic meetings with BVT this morning and is making bold statements about needing to preserve the skills and facilities.

    It seems to make cancellation of the Carriers now very difficult as that would almost certainly mean the closures being brought forward to now.

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