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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by IanHorwill, Apr 25, 2012.

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  1. Hi all, newbie here...had a giggle at a few of the posts here already. I'm not arrogant enough to say I'm anywhere near "Navy" fitness yet but as I have my first RNFT in a fortnight and I'm still pretty new to running, any suggestions? (serious suggestions and banter welcome!)

    ps. I have got about 11 minutes on a treader for the 2.4km but I'd much prefer to be closer to 9:30 asap. I'm not expectin miracles but I thought I'd ask you guys for a second opinion as the gym guy just advised me to keep runnin circuits in the neighbourhood that are about 1.5 miles and time myself :)

  2. Hi Ian, i wouldnt expect massive gains in 2 weeks but I personaly have found interval training is very effective at whipping down the times as although yes running the distance is ok but to be honest variety is the spice of life and will give you better rewards.

    Interval training along the lines of 1mins pretty quick pace around 80% effort then 1min walk/jog and repeat for 12 ish mins or until you reach the 2.4km distance aiming to be very tired by the end. Or try splitting the 2.4k into say 3-4 sections and the aim is to complete the 3-4 sections in your desired target time. For example you want to run it in 9.30mins then split the distance into 3 each sections so 0.8k and you must do each section in 3.10mins and rest between each section using your own judgement. Obviously not to long. Make sense? These are just 2 ways i think work but there are many others. Searching the threads here will provide you with a boat load of info!
  3. Yeah, been trollin through the forums here and found some interesting swedish hiking method called fartla I might give a bash.
    2 weeks is nothing I know but I just wanna polish a few seconds off if possible. Just to make sure I don't look like a derp coming in at 11:12

    I have a few months after the RNFT to build stamina and strength up a bit more but one hurdle at a time I guess. Wil try a few over the next few weeks but just gonna slog it out with a few miles a day and nice sabbatical before the test day...thanks :)
  4. Fartlek. It works and improvements are possible in as little as 2 weeks with it.
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  6. Aye, I got all the times on the letter I got...Beaten it a few times so fairly confident. Just gotta get used to runnin more often and will try the aforementioned methods too starting tomorrow. Fun!
  7. Ian you sound just like me mate. Back when I did my PJFT I only managed 11:06 but since then, and with the help of fartlek training I'm down to 10:10 on a runner and 10:30 on the road with a hill... It works.. Not bad for a near 30 year old with a dwindling beer-gut.

    Not to mention that the fear of failing and having someone watch you do makes the whole thing feel a little easier.

    Good luck mate.
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    Good quality trainers also helps. Get to a running shop and get advice. The right shoe helps reduce injury and aids in "bounce" - what ever that is. I was sceptical but I'm old and allowed to be. Had problems running due to two knee ops but having had a session in the shop I got a cracking pair of trainers, cheaper than Nike crap, and it made a real difference to how my legs felt.
  9. I have Nike running shoes but they seem fine to me so long as I warm up and stretch fully before and after. My only issues at the minute are my breathing and my calves are a little tight but I think I didn't stretch fully today! Anyhoo, thanks for the advice guys :)

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