2 week confirmation course


What is the run down of the final course at HMS Raleigh, assuming passing all the militarisation/marinasation courses beforehand i.e. how closely does it compare to the regulars? Also not trying to sound too pessimistic but what happens if you fail anything on the confirmation course, regulars get remedial/back classed, how does this aspect work in the reserves? Thanks.
If you're prepping for failure then you're not ready to go!

However I do understand your concerns. If you seriously cocked something up the RNR option is to RTU, you (return to unit) so that you can book onto it another time when you have received additional training.

You can fail it and some do but remember the instructional staff want to pass you, they of course want to test you and ensure you're good enough but they don't want to fail people for giggles.

Just be ready; have your fitness up to scratch, understand your task book, have a laugh in the face of the stress they are going to put you in. Remember you are all in it together so bond with your oppos as soon as you can. You will all feel it at times so help each other out.

Seriously you will have the time of your life if you go with a smile on your face, stop panicking about what can happen if it goes wrong!
I'm feeling similar too although I'm know where near ready for Raleigh yet. In all honesty I'm proper struggling with training and wonder whether or not I am somebody who really has the right kind of character to be in the RNR. I'm probably just haunted off bad past experiences after my school life and early working life but if anyone else has felt the same or can offer any form of encouragement it'd be greatly appreciated.
have a quiet and private word with your unit INT instructor, he or she, should be very understanding, and won't see your worries as a sign of weakness, far from it, they are probably more used to Recruits expressing thier fears than you think..

Good luck

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