2 Skins in a boat - Ardglass to Blackpool Row for H4H

Ahoy all,

Firstly my apologies for this old ex-pongo polluting the very fine decks of your senior service site, but I've just heard that two old mates from my regiment are at this very moment half way across the Irish sea in a leaky old tub trying to raise money for Help for Heroes.

Unfortunately they are even further from their cash target than they are from their destination so I thought that what with it having a nautical theme an' all I would give you lot a shout on their behalf.

If anyone would like to donate to a very fine cause, they can be found at-


Also if anyone is in the Blackpool area tomorrow afternoon when they are due in then you are more than welcome to come along and welcome them in. There will no doubt be a p1ss-up later that evening (naked roll-mat fighting available subject to demand). Updates can be found on ARRSE under the same subject heading.



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