2 pay statements, 1 Gratuity?

I received my gratuity exactly ten working days after my TX date, and on that date got the pay statement as well. A week later I receive another pay statement showing same gratuity but to my account 30 June. Is this normal, or have they ballsed up, not ringing JPAC as in Europe at the mo, is this the norm?
That's about normal. As SJRM says, wait to see if it does get paid into your account again, then bung that excess into a high interest account and attempt to let SPVA know - once you're through talking to the students and actually passed onto someone who knows what they're doing, then they'll let you know how/when to pay it back.
If you have benefited from a balls up from the way JPA works (believe me, there are some bloody big holes in places) then you might as well earn a cheeky few quid from the interest.

however, it's unlikely and its just giving you your penultimate statement of earnings from the mob before next may (P60 in case you wondered).

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