2 New aircraft carriers for the RN

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Crabman, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. Have just heard on BFBS that the RN is going to get 2 new aircraft carriers, unfortunately only heard half of the news (and it's Squaddie Radio anyway). Sounds like a good deal but a bit late. Anyone know any more on this?
  2. There is supposed to be an important announcement in the commons today and the smart money is on it being an announcement that the carrier order is being placed. Time will tell
  3. Excuse my ignorance but would 2 extra carriers also mean we would need a larger surface fleet for carrier support therefore perhaps bringing some of the mothballed ships back into use - if we do, who is going to crew them without significant recruitment.
  4. Say nowt, cross all requisite fingers, toes etc. If by 16:00 we have an order for TWO carriers, with realistic ISDs then get the beers in. Anything other than an unequivocal production order for BOTH ships is a prevarication prior to failure. That would be a stop-gap to cover the current lack of contractual cover, prior to some sort of collaboration with the French.
  5. Statement in the House of Commons sometime after 1230 according to today's Order of Business.
  6. Urgent Questions (if any)
    Ministerial Statements, including on (1) national security and (2) CRS and aircraft carriers.

    Now we know the French involvement - the RN have outsourced the crushers to the French riot police!
  7. Tee Hee! There'll be no arguing with them then!
  8. Or possibly some Chief RS has made a name for himself/herself?
  9. Just heard.

    They are to be built in China to keep the costs down :w00t:
  10. And the catering has been outsourced as well to keep the numbers down...

    Who Flung Dung and One Hung Low bros. at your flcuking service.

  11. There we have it.

    Orders to be placed for 2 new aircraft carriers, 65,000 tons apiece to be in service in 2014 and 2016.
  12. Bloody good news - all 3 bases kept as well, but "some reductions".
  13. Will they keep Illustrious and Ark Royal rusting on til then or are we going to have a gap of between 2 and 4 years with no aircraft carriers? If so perhaps the Indians will let us borrow Hermes!?
  14. Yes, but Brown refuses to be drawn on which aircraft they'll carry.

    JSF / UK / US ?????

    Dont' think UK, JSF another white elephant, only leaves US....

    And rumour has it, it will have little in the way of self defence, even down to sensor level
  15. The Comprehensive Spending Review has been agreed and a brief summary announced in Parliament by SofS.

    The DEL will be:

    08/09 34bn

    09/10 35.3bn

    10/11 36.9bn

    (not including ops or defence modernisation fund).

    SofS has also announced the agreement to build the two new carriers, Queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Wales, which will enter service in 2014 and 2016.

    All three naval bases will be retained, albeit with some reductions to personnel.

    A priority in the CSR period will be the improvement of accommodation for Service personnel.
  16. By the time they are in svc, the Darings will probably be in mothballs
  17. You won't get a clear answer on that until and if we do get a worthwhile set of terms and conditions from the Yanks. There does however seem to be only one show in town, but one would hope they have some contingency plans in case we do fall out with the septics. There are a lot of people in the UK working on JSF stuff, it was part of the return for the UK putting in early development cash.
  18. Indeed, but correct me if I'm wrong but the yanks are holding onto the Flight software and it's basically killed the JSF?? (Dusty memories from somewhere)
  19. i thought they had hammered out a deal on the soure code?

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