2 Months to train.

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by JohnsonNineteen, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. Hey Everybody, I Was just wondering if theres anyone who may stray across this and have abit of read, I have a Small problem, Well - It's not a problem because i think i have it under control, but you guys tell me what you think.

    I Have two months to train to a fitness level where i can run 6-7 miles in about 40 minutes, I'm currently coming in at 9:43 on the 1.5 and i NEED to drop that by about 2 minutes, maybe 1 minute and 30 Seconds, I'm not the tallest of people coming in at 5'6, So my strides arent Exactly a meter per step, so i think that this is a fair time to come in, Your Oppinions?

    Also i have a Regime of
    Monday - 1.5 Miles - 90 Press ups, 70 Sit ups
    Tuesday - 5 Miles - Nothing
    Wednesday - 3 Miles - 40 Widths Swimming
    Thursday - 2 miles - 10 mile Bike Ride (101% Effort)
    Friday - 1.5 Miles - Nothing
    Saturday - 2 Miles - 90 Press ups, 70 Sit ups
    Sunday - Day off

    Basically thats the weeks regime in and out, I have the problem sometimes with breathing on the 5 Miler, Im not sure if im trying too hard, Or its just the fact that im slowly giving up smoking, I've binned about 7 fags per day, So im only on About 3-5 a Day, Obviously I'll cut down before the Prmc.

    Oppinions and tips would be majorly appreciated, I also have an Exe PTI training me, so i can get tips there but i find that majority votes help, and there may be some things im overlooking, Thanks for your time guys.
  2. Join a running althetics club for 2 months?

    Or if you have the motivation yourself, train hard for 2 months, and dont pussy foot any mile and a half runs. MAKE yourself do a better time each time you run the mile and a half.


    Well maybe ignore the last part.
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm, sounds you want to brag about what you're doing, rather than asking for advice. What can we tell you that your ex-PTI training buddy cannot?! :?
  4. set yourself the distance you need to run and if you cannot go any further due to lack of oxygen then walk fast for 30 seconds and then start running again, and do the same again and keep at it.... over time try and get that walking 30 seconds to 25, 20, 15 etc till you can just carry on running!
    that is from what I have done and worked ok with me but somebody may know better
  5. only thing i wud say is quit quick, when i smoked i cudnt do the 1.5mile run, now i quit i can do it in 11mins doesnt sound good but i cudnt even run 100 yards without being out of breath.
  6. Its my dad, Not Buddy lol, He's 50 Next Month, So hes not exactly a Spring chicken, Nor am i bragging, My friend told me about 20 minutes ago, i could kick one of the 2 Milers out and throw in abit of circuit training.. i want advice like this, I need all around fitness, Thanks.
  7. Kick out a 2 miler and do some circuit training. It should give you all round fitness.

    You answered your own question...
  8. Tim,how can you of the skinny little legs be so bold as to offer advice ?
  9. Only thing I would advise would be to turn your 1.5 milers into 3. Map out your run on something like Map My Run (google it if you're not familiar with it) to find out where the 1.5 mile mark is then run the first 1.5 at 12 minutes 30 seconds then the second 1.5 at best effort. May be wrong here but I'm pretty sure that that is the precedure at PRMC.
  10. Because although I'm skinny I'm not a weakling 8O
  11. Tim,theres more meat on Lester Piggots whip than there is on you maybe you will put on a bit now that you are Kim.
  12. Nope, just the ugly duckling...
  13. Ah :wink: :wink: TIM but DIM but KIM in the GYM :roll: :)
  14. Ah :wink: :wink: TIM but DIM but KIM in the GYM :roll: :)[/quote]

    Tim, but dim would be easier to type if you made it "Dim Tim". And yes, I do go to the gym.
  15. No, My friend gave me that tip, Im asking for more tips, I want as many oppinions as i can get.. Thanks :)
  16. Why not bin the fags altogether which can't do any harm and may improve your all around fitness.
  17. Every time you want a fag, do 30 press ups or a run for half an hour - or until the feeling goes away
  18. Stick a picture of Lilly Savage on your fag packs instead of the health warning. If you think they're going to make you look like that you'll soon pack in.
  19. Tsk tsk, Thingy is going to be cross with you for that
  20. Its all about recognising you have a problem and dealing with it. There's no shame in asking for help

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