2 minute silence

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by daffy1, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. This is mainly aimed at the ex military amonst us, but just wondering how many of you guys had the 2 minute silence. My company did sod all, i even asked around, asked the managers which one of them is ex military, (or he claims) the reason being as production never stops. So i sneaked away did my 2 minutes, although the smoker next to me was wondering why i was not talking to him, then all of a sudden i perked up and carried on as normal.
  2. Was not really mentioned here, a few in our office sat quietly but the usual office chatting went on around us.
  3. The mad feeding frenzy for christmas has been long started. Do you think many people are going to pause in their mad panic to buy crap in order to reflect?
    Yes some businesses, to their great credit, do pause, and I know of one airline that is getting bad press at the moment, thanks to Mr Murdoch, that has an awful lot of their aircraft observe it.
    Yes I am ex RN, and have family members still serving, but these days I tend to remember not only the service personnel but the civilians who perished, were and are being injured on a continual basis and whose lives have changed dramatically.
  4. Observed here at my work, but then I am at Blandford Army camp.
  5. Observed here at my place, and we've no military connections whatsover. We had a one minute to the "two minute" silence over the tannoy - then another announcement when it began and when it ended. Work in a large open plan office and everyone to a man/woman kept quiet for the entire two minutes.
  6. Observed here. Email went round 2 days early to remind everyone. You can get away with murder at this place, but woe betide talking through the 2 minutes silence. You'd be up on a warning, but then its never been an issue.
  7. Whole office obseved it bar one bloke who got abuse afterwards from just about everyone even the muslims.
  8. I assume that one bloke was you?

    Even the muslims eh? Who'd have thought it. Next you'll be telling me they have equal rights in the office.
  9. Shocker, can't believe that the terrible evil muslims kept quiet.

    Ja5on , you really are quite unintelligent aren't you?
  10. No one is that stupid (I hope) - got to be looking for a bite.

    Although, this is the person that was offering authorative advice after claiming, and I quote, "...to be half in the navy...".
  11. Observed here, complete with a pair of volunteer buglers for the start and end.
  12. Nothing official at my place, but I took myself off into an unoccupied spare office and spent a quiet, reflective 2 minutes observing the silence.
    As for my hubby's place (a large insurer), they turned off the phone system for 2 minutes for everyone to observe the silence.
  13. No it wasn't me I was surprised the muslims gave the bloke abuse not that they observed the 2 minute silence.
  14. Start back peddling shippers. "I'm not racist, I'm not. Honest. I love 'em. honest". Tut tut.
  15. semi observed here - i would guess 60% bang on 11 - the other 40% plain forgot, but by about 50 secs in they had wondered wtf was going on and joined in :D :D
  16. i was in the university library at 1100 today, i was expecting someone to wlak in and say something, but they didnt. so i just did my own 2 mins silence, whislt everyone else talked around me
  17. And why should they not be as upset as us normal non-muslim superior people? Answers on a biff chit please. Are you sure they're even muslim or are have you mis-id'd them and they are just sporting suntans? Surely a Muslim should have been busy making bolt grenades, shagging goats and reciting the Q'uran rather than paying respect to those that have fallen for THEIR country.
  18. I am not racist I don't love muslims, I hate it when people who I work with that start talking in their own language in the lunch room so I can't join in with the conservation. I don't like the fact that they consider themselves Pakistan and Indian when they were born in England they should be english.I also don't like it when people live in this country but don't bother to learn the language and expect there to be an interpreter or multi language document available. If this makes me racist then yes I guess I am sorry if that upsets you but if you live here you should respect our laws, learn our language and respect our traditions not the other way round.
  19. Think Ja5on's gone out with his white hooded friends smashing them all in.
  20. do you think they just think your a bit of a throbber??

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