2 hr Drive and 15 miles on my journey

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by subset, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. Ok gotta get the rant off my chest.

    Today it took me 2 hours on a journey that normally takes 25 to 30 minutes and I had to take a round about journey to my place of duty adding 15 miles to the distance travelled all because of some unwashed morons blocking the road.

    The so called peace protesters say that nuclear weapons are illegal, a crime against humanity, and all good christians should abhore them. So they protest against them by blockading the Clyde Naval Base to disrupt the work carried out there. Work I may add that is in defence of their country and their right to free speech.

    If these people are so worried about illegal acts and are such good humanitarians and christians why were they not out in front of the Iranian embassy in London protesting against the illegal kidnapping of 15 fellow countrymen not allowed their basic human rights of legal representation and contact with their families.

    They say they protest for peace but what the Iranians did to our sailors and marines would at one time been construed as an act of war. SOD IT!!! I'll say it IT WAS AN ACT OF WAR. So protest in London at the Iranian Embassy and support your armed forces and civilian defence workforce instead of stopping them going about their lawful duties.

    I could go on a lot more and use a lot more colourful language, but I will not as I write this I can feel the red mist of my anger rising at the unthinking stupidity of some in this country.

    Sorry if this post is long but I feel strongly that not enough is being done to free our brothers and sister in arms.
  2. Can i suggest you go and buy a surplus Green Godess,for around £2000 and then spray them with cold water!
  3. Sod that - if you've got a green godess, why waste water on them, just drive over them all and then use the hose to wash the bodies into the ditch !
  4. Ask the pongos for loan of a Chiefton!
  5. Know the feeling................never used to catch the Torpoint Ferry on a Monday morning or a Friday afternoon. Jolly Jack was either taking his boaties out to play or putting them away for the week-end.............. with no regard for the disruption he was causing to the people who paid for his toys. :oops:

  6. What are you driving subset if you can only manage 10 mph in it ????
  7. Well I have nothing but admiration for them just as I had for the Greenham Common women. We are extremely lucky to live in a country where you can show you disapproval and we should respect their right to disagree with the majority.

  8. Everyone especially you FN have disagreements with the majority ---as is your right . However if you want to park your arsse in a road can I suggest you sit on the M8 or M9 that way you can be sure of eventually leaving some lasting impression regarding your reasons for being discontented with the democratic way this country is run.
  9. And when you have decided which motorway you would like to park your green derriere on, can you please let me know, so as that I can drive my gas guzzling 2.4litre turbo Volvo down the same bit of road
  10. I did not say that I was against their right to an opinion. What I sais was

    a) don't feck up someones day by voicing it in this way
    b) support your armed forces especialy at times like this.
  11. Subset it serves you right for living in a dump like Dumbarton
  12. And also be paid by the taxpayer for doing it :twisted:
    They are a bunch of idle lazy layabouts who would benefit from a bath and stoppage of benefits :twisted:
  13. I'd just like to comment that in my own days of protesting (far too cynical and lazy these days to get off my backside) I was in full-time employment.
  14. And were you a full time protester as these are? Also were the majority in employment?
  15. No I took annual leave to do it or went at weekends - some people were on benefits but not all of them. There was a lovely story at Greenham of a celloist from an orchestra turning up with her instrument one day and giving the wimmin a concert. Then went back to her world. People just used to do what they could even if it was just symbolic. Greenham always felt a much easier protest to make. I don't know why. Some women there faced violence from locals that must have been very scary though I never experienced it myself. I must say I never felt quite the same about the other bits of things I joined in protests over - even protesting as I did once at Windscale /Sellafield didn't feel quite as right even in the light of what we know now about its terrible safety record.

    Those were the days though when benefits were easier to claim. Only a couple of years before that it had been possible to sign on during the College/University vacation if one was a student - those were the days!
  16. One mans Terrorist is another mans Freedom Fighter

    It all depend of course, on what side of what particular fence you sit.

  17. These peace protesters have been in Faslane for years.Do they still have a camp just before you turn left to head into the south gate at Faslane(coming from helensburgh of course).They live in a dream world ,just think what would of happened if we didnt have nuclear weapons ,we would of all been speaking Russian.

    I remember when the Reso left 1 berth with its missile doors open with ''seapower for peace'' painted on them in big white letters.The peace protesters were not impressed.
  18. WTF?!?!?!?!! Were you some sort of communist or summat? 8O
  19. Golden_rivet I hope you dont still have those left wing surrender monkey views.
  20. At least this year because they are all having fun with you they are so far not holding their CAT protests at our place.

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