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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by digger84, Oct 9, 2010.

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  1. As mentioned in another thread......
    Lately I have lost count of the times I have bumped in to old shipmates in the dockyard or via farcebook. And all we talk about are the latest buzzes that we have heard with regards to redundancies, what ships will or won't be scraped.
    I for one do not believe in the buzzes that are circulating the fleet at the moment. And until it is announced later this month we shall never know.

    But I think this is a good place to post your buzzes and dits that you heard with regards to the SDR. Most of these will never see light of day or have an ounce of truth behind them, However we should post them so we can see what dits are going arround the fleet.
  2. My first ones are....
    • The redundancy package offered to the RN will consist of 1 years pay plus one months’ pay for every year enlisted.
    • HMS Lancaster to be scrapped due to her refit being cancelled.
    • RN to be reduced by 7000
    • P2000’s gone by 2012.
    • Liverpool to be mothballed from Dec this year.
  3. I overheard a wren in the NAAFI (Rollover hotdog in hand), that the redundancy package would be up to 17 months pay(taxable). That they would offer the scheme to the branches with the highest manning levels (WE senior rates etc) then filter it down. However, this time it will be on a case by case basis due to the exodus in the 90's when it was offered.
  4. 1. No voluntry redundances as too expensive.
    2. Albion mothballed, Bulwark kept after refit Ocean gone.
    3. 2nd new carrier to converted to be able to a LPH.
    4. Ark and lusty gone.
    5. Crew from Ark,lusty and ocean to crew second new carrier LPH
  5. I got redundancy in the 90s "options for change" mallarky. On mechs course at Collingrad when notified. After 13.5 years, PO WEA and I got £56K plus dinky pension. Christ looking back that was a lot of money - shame most of it went on getting rid of the wife and selling the house that was in negative equity. Ah well, at least I kept my sanity ...
    Too much time has elapsed as to how the £56 was calculated. Sorry. :oops:
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Just a little dit.......I was a signaller when the list of who was gonna get the chop was sent. I had to go down to guz and physically recieve the message, whack it in a briefcase, drive up to CTC with it. Apparantly the info contained within the message was to sensitive to be sent along normal channels.

    Being a dillagent and keen young fella I got the signal, signed for it hopped into a landrover with the complete list of all Naval personnel who were gonna get the chop and drove home for a cuppa. (living in Hunter close, crownhill at the time). After spending a good hour at home I continued on my journey, as I turned off the motorway and headed to Lympstone I realised I'd left the briefcase on the kitchen floor at home.......Oops. :oops:

    A quick about turn and 3 hours later I delivered it...
  7. You had my name on your kitchen floor. I feel honoured .. I think ..
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Dont worry Flymo I didn't read the message, I was busy dunking my hobnobs.
  9. Albion, Bulwark and Ocean scrapped.

    One carrier cat fitted delivered with loaned F18s.

    Second carrier instantly mothballed.

    Surface fleet reduced to 6 x Frigates and 6 x Destroyers.

    Devonport shut.

    Harrier retired.

    RM to come under Army control.

    RN manning reduced by 6000.

    I will be promoted to 2SL.

  10. No wonder that you are disillusioned and want out.
  11. I've heard some euphemisms in my time, but that one takes the biscuit.
  12. Didn't feel a thing.
  13. I had a euphemisms once the doc cleared it with penicillen though.
  14. :laughing3: :notworthy:
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  16. Heard the RAF are going to get a second display team, apparently they can't get their logo on TV enough!!!

    2 marine bands will taken over by the Central Band of Crab.
  17. Ninja, how dare you? :evil:

    This thread was for gen buzzes; no-one ever wants to hear the truth.

    Now you have really gone and spoiled it! :wink:
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Whoops, sorry. :wink:

    OK here goes:

    RAF 6K manpower reduction
    RN & Army 3K manpower reduction
    Ark & Lusty mothballed by 2012
    Bye-bye Tornado by 2013, bye-bye URNUs
    Army withdraw from Germany & significantly reduce in Cyprus

    Erm, that's it, just got to front of the NAAFI queue.
  19. Sorreee, but the NAAFI has been cut, too.

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