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2 day sail from plymouth to london any one else going

Thanks Dantae I am certain you will have a great time. To enter London via the Thames is a great experience.

Let us know how the trip went.

If you can make that a three page essay I am sure all the Pee-Danks will mark it with red highlighter



so an already good trip has just been made into an excellent trip i really cant wait now nothing at work tomorrow can make me miserable after learning this news :grin: :grin: will let you all know how it went when i get back

Do you need someone to iron your shirt and trousers for you, crash your smalls (or perhaps not), make your bed, tuck you in and read you bedtime stories before lights-out? :razz:

phil1972 said:
Always_a_Civvy said:
Jimmy_Green said:
Steve, WTF Danish?

I like their pastries! :grin:

But the Danes don't call them that! It is Vienna Bread.

Or wienerbrød!

I know a Danish Professor of Psychiatry: the guy who set up the Danish Cytogenetic Register. He was my original reason for learning Danish. He is also one of the World's leading authorities on Klinefelter syndrome, which is how I came to meet him in the first place.

Also when I was in the ROC we used to visit our sister organisation (which was based on how we were in our aircraft reporting days) called the Luftmeldekorps, part of the Danish Home Guard (Hjemmeværnet).


ok i just read that articale on hms nortumberland 32 SHIPS 32!!! no wonder piracy is on the rise if we are the second most powerful navy and only have 32 ships how many dose every one else have dam that is not my idea of a navy


War Hero
dantae said:
ok i just read that articale on hms nortumberland 32 SHIPS 32!!! no wonder piracy is on the rise if we are the second most powerful navy and only have 32 ships how many dose every one else has dam that is not my idea of a navy

You are certainly not alone.
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