2.5m Additional Foreign Workers since 2002


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phil1972 said:

Thought I would beat Slim to this one. I don't mind these coming in as at least they are working unlike the 100s of thousands of workshy British on the dole. My question would be as we have a larger population as a result, why can't we afford a larger military?
I have no problem with anyone coming into the UK legally (as most of these are), working and paying their dues. I do have problems with anyone either UK citizen or immigrant who believe that the reason for the benefit system is to allow others to subsidise their non working.

Edited to add
For one I have no problems with the Polish workers, they are generally hard working people trying to amass enough money to return to their homeland and purchase a house.


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I agree with the above. Anyone who is willing to get off their arses and make a contribution is ok in my book. Really hate the workshy types though; funny how they always seem to be so good as screaming things like "... coming over here taking our jobs, drinking our beer, ...." etc, etc.



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Arent those figures just for those registered to work and do not include their partners/children and so the number is considerably higher even before the illegals get taken into account ?

As long as they are working, paying into the system and not living in a £500000 council house with their 12 kids then good luck to them....

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