2.4km treadmill run

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by ecolvin, May 8, 2014.

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  1. Hi I'd really appreciate some help please. I need to do my 2.4km run in anything under 13minutes as I'm under 25. I can do it in under this time on the road/track but finding it difficult to find the right speed level on a treadmill, what would you recommend? The machines I use are set to kmph
  2. Set it at 11kmh min. You will do it in that time if my calculation was correct

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  3. The assessor is Dundee had a chart and just said you'll finish under this time if you run at this pace. Kept me updated all the way through. So if you are fit enough to do the run outside, you'll be fine. I wouldn't worry. Treadmill is much easier than tarmac, adrenaline also helps!
  4. I'm 28 and had to do my pjft in under 11:33 so I'd double check your times!!
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    The OP could well be female.

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  6. 11 km/h mathematically is correct for the stated time bit that's a bear minimum. Set it to 12 to 14 for a 12min to 10min 17 sec pass. You should try and smash the minimum time. Prove your fit enough by a huge margin.
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  7. Hopefully this will help you.
    11:00 - 13.1 kmh
    10:50 - 13.3 kmh
    10:40 - 13.5 kmh
    10:30 - 13.7 kmh
    10:00 - 14.4 kmh
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    One tip that works as a warm up - start at about 8kmh, then up it by 0.5km every minute up to 12.5km, then keep it there or 5-8 mins, wind it down and do it all over again - gets you used to speed inceases for MSFT and also builds endurance too.
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  9. This might sound silly but I feel like I cant run much faster than 6.5mph are there any tips to get faster? I push myself every time but really struggle
  10. The key to getting faster is to deliberately increase stress in your runs. If you run on a treadmill at a steady 6.5 mph, warm up then set the treadmill for 7mph and run just 1/10 mile at that pace then slow down to a recovery jog. DO NOT STOP! You need to keep going even if it is slowly. Once you have recovered try it again. You should aim for your session to last approximately as long as it would normally take you to run your 1.5 miles (say, 15 minutes) but include a few intervals at a faster pace than you are comfortable with. As you get better you can increase the distance covered at high pace or increase the pace at which you cover 1/10 mile.

    If you are running outdoors set yourself a target point (say, 3 lamp posts on) and run as fast as you can until you reach your target then recovery jog until you are ready to go again. It's a technique called 'fartlek' and is well proven to improve your pace and stamina. Essentially you need to cover 1.5 miles as a series of 'sprints' with jog recoveries rather than at a single pace. This is much harder than steady paced running and has a much greater training effect. It is much easier if you run with someone else so that you can compete with each other.

    Your body will learn to cope with the stress of running faster and your recovery will gradually get quicker and easier as you get fitter. Initially it will be unpleasant because you are putting more stress on your body than you can comfortably cope with. That is what you need to improve!

    Good luck.
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  11. Thank you very much! About to go give this a go at the gym in a bit!
  12. you need to split your training days up between, endurance running, so you run for as long as you can at a talkable pace, and sprints, you run as fast as you can for 30 seconds then walk for 2, aim to do this 5 times to start and each week add another time and once you hit ten sprints, then start decreasing cool down down untill you get 30 minutes sprint, 30 minutes walk.
    my days are monday and thursday steady pace runs with 5 sets of failure for press ups, sit ups, squat(25 ish with weight) pull ups and dips,
    then tuesday and friday sprints with the same bodyweight circuit, and on sunday i do a gentle bike ride with swimming
    not to be forward or rude, but what is your weight ? you may need to maybe change your diet
  13. Hi i have been asked to do my 2.4km
    Test does that mean I will mostly likely
    Be in within a year ?
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  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Not necessarily. It could mean you've passed your medical or it could mean a year has elapsed since you last passed it.
  15. im currently on a 20 month waiting list
    As a aircraft handler ! This will be my first attempt !
  16. Okay so does that mean I will do it now Wait a year and do it again?
    As I was told at my interview I would not do it until closer to the time as there was no point Because I would after do it again when the year was up ?
  17. I ran 9:41 yesterday I'm 29 is that a good time ?

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  18. Runnin on the treadmill at speed 15.0, really helps me and is building my stamina up! Also running on roads, hills etc
  19. Hey hughesy, yeah that is a good time. I'm 30 ( just turned 30 I might add)

    Street runs I'm getting about 11min, not pushing it too much so will get that down. My mate is 32 and joining the army, but he's ran his whole life doing 10k, half marathons etc and he got 9:18 mins, only one guy matched that time and it was a 19 year old boxer....so yeah, good time

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  20. Bump!

    First post in the forum.

    Joining the RNR and very proud to be doing so! One final test being the PJFT on Sunday - taking place at a nuffield health gym.

    I'm a really fit guy and will smash the treadmill run no problem, but amazed at how the speed and and achievable result you get, varies from treadmill to treadmill? Does that sound right.

    For example, I was running at 13.5kph tonight and did it in 8.57. On a different treadmill, that's either more difficult or I get a later score. Ideally, I'd like to do it in less than 10 mins on Sunday.

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