2.4km run

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by kelly_x, Nov 9, 2009.

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  1. a couple days after getting to raleigh i know you have to complete the 2.4km run. Does the score you get have to match the PJFT or the actual RNFT. I know it sounds silly but people keep telling me different!
  2. From what I can gether you have to complete it in the RNFT time before passing out.
  3. yeah it makes sense to have to be able to do it before passing out but just wondering about when you first go in
  4. ...

    "Before passing out"

    That's it, job done, sorted, complete, done, finished, need I carry on?
  5. If it makes you pass out you're trying too hard.
  6. I thought it was if you dont pass out your not trying hard enough?
  7. Or you're just fat. Could be either.
  8. That was the old days.

    Everything stops if you start to sweat now.

    There also have to be lots of opportunities to take a slurp out of those cute water bottles, which is inclined to slow things down.
  9. I hope your joking.
  10. I do a great line in humour.

    That wasn't part of it.

    Mind you, it is something of a 'cultural' thing now. Walking round Plymouth about 50% of the people (usually orange people) that I see are consuming something.

    Awareness of this does help when I am being grunted at by a trainee and he or she takes a swig from his or her bottle - I resist the temptation to shove it down their throat, which aids the long-term mortgage commitments really.

    But I'm old fashioned...
  11. You need achieve the PJFT time on the first Tuesday and the RNFT time in week 7. You do not carry your "cute water bottle around with you". You need to pass first time as you dont want to be on remedials from week 1 as your kit maintenance will start to suffer which will lead to kit remedials and so on...... 100% effort and you will pass.
  12. Thanks :) somethin helpful at last :)

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