2.4km Run

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Sentenashi, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. How fast can you run it in?

    I don't know yet for myself, because I havn't been to the gym for a while, I'll edit it in soon tho.
  2. The time you have to do it in is dependant on your age. I struggled when I was under 25 but now I'm a whippet! lol
  3. Had it down to 8 minutes 30 seconds :whew:
  4. Wow.. that's pretty impressive.
  5. ...How much training did that take?!
  6. Just the odd 4-5 mile run 3 or so times a week, I'm lucky in that I've never found running that difficult. I'm a proper fanny in the weights bay though, always have been. :strong:

    There was a guy on my LRCC in 2002 that managed about 7:15. He was a fcuking animal.
  7. Im 8:10 but im 16, so its easyer for me lol. Also im training for the royal marines and seaman spec. on my application i put seaman spec but i asked that i wanna be a royal marine. Anyway i know i change.... but i have one life and why not see if i can do it, no harm in trying.
  8. 5 seconds lower than i have allowed.

    why waste calories
  9. 08:04 was my last result, not bad for an old bastard (25)
  10. I am dreading the 2.4 km run. Im not very good at running but I am trying to improve! x
  11. Hey whats your 2.4km time? You can improve, lets see your time first and ill say what helped me.
  12. Hi, Im going to BRNC in 3 weeks - my 2.4k atm is 11.40 - although my latest was 11.50 :(

    I'm built for muscle and swimming rather than running, but I'm pushing on as hard as I can.

    Do it on the road - it will help you a lot more than running it on a treadmill
  13. I was an instructor at RNSLAM and used to do the 2.4Km with the LRLC course. I was 36 and used to 'jog' round in 9 minutes. Then, because I was the Chief I slowed down to 11 minutes to act as a rabbit for the border line cases. In those days you failed the course if you couldn't complete it on time. It also gave the course a boost if they could beat the Chief! Oh yeah most of the people on the course were under 25.
  14. I'm 16 and a big build..running it around 11 minutes.

    Still improving, the first time i did it about 6 months ago i was getting around 14 minutes. Progress is steady :thumright:
  15. Oh god, I feel like killing myself.

    I'm 15 and managed it in 14 mins 29 seconds.

  16. One Thing : IT WILL COME!
  17. Sentashi; at 15, you'd be lucky to see me run 1600m, let alone 2400m. Fitness takes time. Dont rush it as has already been stated, it will come.

    To clarify, I couldnt run 2.4km period when I was 15. I can now do it in 9 minutes. Not fast but Im not exactly built for running, much to my annoyance.
  18. im 19 now i couldnt run 1500m when i was 15 my running was gash then its true it takes time don't rush it your still developing and pushing to hard can cause damage to your body so try to progress steadly :)

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