2.4km Run


Lantern Swinger
Hi there.
Does anyone know if they run the 2.4km run on a regular basis at Rosyth or Faslane? I live quite close to Forest Moor but don't know if they hold the run there do they?
Got my LRCC coming up and need to do my 2.4 six weeks in advance.


Lantern Swinger
I work at Forest Moor and if we have to do our fitness test its held at RAF Linton On Ouse

you could just pop down to the army foundation college and ask if you can take part in something there (Unike Barracks)


TheRoy> Assuming they got through the pretty tight security around Faslane, that is! Methinks you doth fret too much.


Lantern Swinger
Thanks Geezers. Was going to go to RAF Leeming to do it, but a chum of mine who works there told me the crabs don't do the mile and a half. They only do the beep test apparently!
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