2.4km run for Old Farts

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Tall_bloke, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone tell me what the required pass time is for a 40yr old doing the RNFT 2.4km run? :whew:
  2. There isn’t one, it’s the Rockport Walk for the over 40s.

  3. Not true. Rockport Walk is not compulsory for over 40's, you can still do the Run or Bleep test. You may get the "third degree" from the club swinger before they let you take the test though. I am 51, in date RNFT and have never done a Rockport Walk (bleep test once, remainder 2.4k runs).

    2.4k run: Age 40-44 - 13.02 Pass, 12.01 Good, 11.21 V Good, 10.30 Exc
  4. Which is all well & good until you either fail the run when over 40 or even worse, collapse and rub out!
  5. Or you could do the MSFT bleep test

    40-44 :- Pass 7.6 Good 8.8 VG 9.8 Excellent 10.11

    I was offered the Rockport walk by my PTI, the cheeky fecker :thumbdown:
  6. Erm...what is the '' Rockport Walk '' ??
  7. ...serious question fellas, come on, I want to know WTF this is.
  8. Thats for blokes, us girlies get a bit longer because at the age of 40+ we need extra time to haul our boobies around a mile and half - or so my clubswinger told me :(

    The Rockport Walk is I think a mile walk with an electronic thingy attached to you so they can measure your heart rate.
  9. Question: Why run when you can walk?
    I'm 40 next year. I know which one I'm doing.....
  10. If 40 is old, I must be bloody ancient. I can barely do 2.4 km in an hour! And why do we have to use kilometres now when miles would be much more understandable. What is 2.4 km in proper English? Sorry, just being a grumpy old sod (aged 66). It was all different in my day....blether.....blether.....blether!
  11. What is a Rockport Walk, it sounds like some nasty U.S. shoe, which is actually made in Vietnam for the price of a bowl of rice and a slap in the face.

  12. Lol , never heard of it myself , is this a recent thing , i left in 95 .
  13. It came in when the RNFT went live, which I believe (standing by to be corrected) was about 7/8 years ago. Those over the age of 40, if they elect to do so can do the 'Rockport Walk'. Details of which can be found here:

  14. Thanks for that mate , cant believe I've been out 13 years ,
  15. Yes but what is a 'Rockport Walk' sounds a bit dodgy sort of outsourced rubbish to me.
  16. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    It's RNFT for those over 40 or those with permanent injuries. You do 1 mile in your best time (walking only!) whilst wearing a Heart Rate Monitor. They then calculate your score based on age, weight, average heart rate over the last 2 minutes of the walk and the clubswingers are able to calculate your VO2 Max score which is grouped into age bands ala MSFT and 2.4k run. The VO2 Max pass mark is the same for all 3 now.
  17. Thanks for that.
  18. Cheers Chaz......just checked mine and I am classed as '' Superior '' , which is something I never achieved in the Mob :thumright:
  20. You'd wonder how Nelson what with one eye/arm, gout, kidney stones, chronic seasickness and who knows what else might have got one :lol:

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