2.4km run; Bleep test or straightforward run?

Sorry about the pun. I was wondering how the 2.4km run is graded it puts the time at 11.09 for my age and gender on the paper leaflet (email) but on the dvd I was given at sift they show a bleep test and if it is how high are you expected to go, I think my best was nine but that was almost a year ago I'm probaly a bit quicker now.

TL;dr How hard is the runt?
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11 mins 9 secs max of normal running to complete the 2.4k course. Should be considerably easier than 11.9 on a bleep test. How hard it is depends on how fit you are...
I've applied for RFA, got through to the AIB and was also told about the 2.4km run its on astro (8 1/2 times round an astro pitch) but its not pass or fail. just got to show you put effort in.
I can can confirm that there is a run at AIB, but as already stated it is not pass of fail in itself. You can lose marks on it though, which can lead to an AIB fail, so make sure you at the very least match the RN requirement. The ociffers overseeing will also mock the RN candidates if you beat them (or at least they did at my AIB!), so its worth putting in the effort.
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