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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Scarface2009, May 3, 2009.

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  1. You know the 2.4 km test at Raleigh? whats it done on?, e.g Road, Track

  2. from what i know its on concrete but not road.... i think :S
  3. All-weather pitch, apparently.
  4. yep, astro. fook all difference though, just run on the inside blue line.
  5. yeh i did it with rnr a couple years back, its an astro turf. not too bad on the foot actually lol :) joining next sunday.. should be good x
  6. Thanks for the Info!!!!
  7. you get a few seconds per corner of pitch... as you have to slow down to turn,
    they're very strict about cutting corners on the fitness test.
  8. how many laps of the pitch is it? i take it its a football pitch?
  9. I was told by the AFCO to aim for a 7 minute mile, which I nailed for the first time today.. you have to be running consistently at around 14.5km/h (about 9mph).

    ..also a cheeky idea I had was to sign up to and use the Royal Marines Commando training tool on the RMC MOD site, as I understand it the RMC training is much more intense than RN training is so if you can nail a RMC program it'll make the Raleigh tests a little easier..

    if I'm way off there feel free to correct me but it can do no harm to do it anyway.

  10. As i am on the treadmill i find that speed rather fast.. or is it just me, i ran it on 13.5 and it is at a steasy pace ofr me, need to get my staminer up
  11. All i know is that this should not even be a issue, its a piece of piss
  12. Am I reading that right? 1 mile = 7 minutes?

    I ran 2 miles / 3.3 km yesterday in 8:57 min:sec.
  13. Eh? quicken your pace a bit young man, you`re only 1 Min under the World Record.

    Daniel Komen of Kenya ran two miles in seven minutes, 58.61 seconds on July 19, 1997 at a track & field (athletics) meeting in Hechtel, Belgium. He is the only human to ever run two miles in less than eight minutes.
  14. He may be telling the truth, if he's on a treadmill with negative incline.....
  15. now i feel bad! hats of to you m8 thats quick!!
  16. it's bullshit... quick bullshit mind.
  17. I found the 7 minute mile to be hard work - but that's coming from a guy who has done zero running in nearly 12 years and only started working out properly less than a month ago - you gotta start somewhere right.

  18. hmmmm... what size ruler were you using there fella?

    treadmills are ok to build your legs and to getting used to running...
    but bear in mind to put a high incline i.e; 3% at least to actually work your legs
    you can just skip a million miles an hour on those horrific contraptions as your legs and feet aren't pushing your body forwards the conveyor belt does it for you!
    i maxed out the treadmills speed at CTCRM Lympstone which is 22.5km/hr
    obviously i cant run that in real time
    use the roads, or preferably softer surfaces to avoid high impact injuries as i know this generation are more succeptable to stress fractures :O
    aim around the 10mins marker for your fitness, you dont need to get a 7mins 24sec or something showy as long as its a tick in the box, you'll only get a PASS on your RNFT records, so theres no point.
  19. Actually with JPA at the moment, you can be entered as Very Good or Excellent, and nothing else, even the sickest of sickbay rangers are getting Very Good results as long as they post a pass.

    Quite sad really.
  20. A bit like fat cnuts getting better reports than fitties on SRCC because they "tried harder". Yeah, cheers.

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